An Insight into the Power Within Us…

Recently, I happened to read a book which changed my perspective about various things in life. So, I thought of writing about that book and how it changed my views about life.

 The book that made such an impact on my life is ‘The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari’ written by Robin S Sharma, a leading motivational leader. It is one of the most inspirational and phenomenal books I have ever read! After reading it, I have begun to believe in the power of my mind. I don’t know whether everyone would feel the same as I felt when I read the book. But very honestly speaking, reading that book has been a life-changing experience for me.

 The book says about how you can find out and fulfill the meaning and purpose of your life, what you should do in order to live a fruitful life, about the power of your mind…so on. It is a book I would highly recommend to those interested in taking their life to a higher level. 

Like I have already said, I have begun to believe in the power of my mind after reading it. It is said, in the book, that if we want something with all our heart and being, we will be able to achieve it. The forces of the universe will conspire to realize our wants. Our mind has immense and infinite power to get what we want. It is a philosophical concept for some people. But I think it is very much true.

 I think the human mind is the most complex of all creations, be it manmade or natural. I don’t think I would be wrong if I venture to say that it is also the most powerful of all creations. The truth is that we just don’t realize the potential that is locked within us. We go on with our lives just like everyone else and never think of anything beyond the normal. People sacrifice their dreams or just let go of it…in the search of a better life, in the materialistic point of view. The truth, I think, is that if you have a dream you should try to fulfill it. Your mind and the whole Universe will come to your aid… you just have to put your heart to it and try with all your might!

There is nothing that you, as a person, cannot do. More precisely, there is nothing that the human mind cannot achieve. Your dreams and wants awaken your dormant mind. Your determination and efforts to achieve your goal unlock the hidden potential within you. If you want to do or achieve something, you just have to really wish for it and of course put in your part of effort, concentrating with all your mind. I believe that you can do anything…anything in this world if you put your mind to it and use all your power for it. Believe in the power of your mind.

What you believe or think has a great influence on your mind. I always tell my friends that if they say that they won’t do well in an exam, then chances are that they may not do well. But instead, if they say that they will do well, I think that they will indeed do well. And believe me, it has come true… I have tried it, I have told my friends to try it… and it has almost always come true, provided that you believe in what you say. Saying something and believing the opposite can’t do any good. It’s an already proven and accepted fact that detailed visualization and affirmation of something you want can help you to actually achieve it. So, next time you really want something, try to visualize it in all possible detail, with complete concentration and believe that you will get it. I am sure that you will succeed in getting what you want!

  I always stress on positive thinking. It can work wonders in your life! Especially when you do something important it is highly essential to think positively. And try to take failures in a better way. I know it might be hard, but try to see it as another chance, an opportunity to do better than before. You should try to understand that maybe you didn’t really try so hard. And next time you try, put in your best. When you fail in something, try to take it as a challenge… be determined to try better and succeed next time.

 Belief and confidence in yourself can improve and positively influence your performance. Believe in the power of your mind. You have, within you, the power to realize all your dreams. All you have to do is unlock that potential and use it to achieve the purpose of your life.

 I think it is high time that we (humans) realized the immense power within us and utilized it in the proper way, for our better future.


   I am very much interested in philosophy (evidently!) and I think philosophy can contribute a lot in helping us to make our lives better. It is, I think, very intricately connected with life. Most of the people I know consider philosophy as complicated, boring or complete rubbish! I think we should try to explore and discover what it has to offer us!

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