Profound Questions

Well, it’s been a long time since I got some time to indulge in writing out my thoughts and theories! I have been plagued with a lot of questions which are just so beyond me.

Recently, one of my teachers were talking about inflation, foreign exchange rate and what really is the cause of it all. He was explaining to us about how happenings around the world can affect the exchange rate and stuff. That led me to ask a question…  Was the world always the same as this? Why did all that has happened have to happen in the first place? Why does there have to be wars on trivial matters such as land and power? Why is it all like it is now…? Why can’t the world have been a better place? When we think about it deeply, it all seems so ridiculous. Atleast, it all appears to seem ridiculous to me.

 When my teacher explained the whole process and stuff of the foreign exchange rate et al, it sounded very much complex to me. Why does it have to be so? Why can’t life be simple and a little more peaceful than this?

 It might all sound like too much of imagining or something to others. But I really can’t see any point in whatever is happening right now.

Well, sometimes, it frustrates me when I don’t seem to get answers for my questions. If anyone has an answer for my questions, please do be kind enough to let me know!


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