Delving Into The Past…

Recently, I was going through a magazine when I found an article about some unsolved mysteries of the world.

In the article I read, the writer told about how there were so many architectural wonders in our world which were built in the past. It went on to say how even now experts have not been able to understand how the people of those times must have built them. Because building them essentially required a far advanced level of technology than what was available (or what is known to be available!) then. Now, technology has advanced and developed a lot. Still, we might not be in a position to (re)create the pyramids that Egypt is so synonymous for.

Building some of the architectural structures, particularly those of Egypt and India, could not have been possible with raw manpower and sheer intellectual capabilities. It certainly required a lot of advanced technology.

Experts are still at a loss to understand how those structures have been built up. Granite is known to be one of the hardest and heaviest materials. Transporting blocks of granite weighing 50 tonnes through a distance of 600 miles from their quarry and positioning it 180 feet above the ground is no simple task. The architects of the past have sculpted granite as if it were wood.

All these show the need and the possible presence of a technology unknown to us.

Could it be that our ancestors possessed the knowledge of some such advanced level of technology? Is it possible that we can access it now, at present?

A group of historians studying these architectural structures have found a lot of similarities in the foundation and some other properties of architecture in India and Egypt. Can it be a coincidence that there’s a similarity between the building patterns of two countries, both of which are so rich in history and particularly in architecture? Historians have not really been able to explain this similarity.

 A very far-fetched theory that some people put forward is that the people of the past might have had access to extra terrestrial technology or help from extra terrestrials. It seems a quite insensible answer to me. I was very much intrigued by the article and it left me thinking.

So… how did they manage to build up so much of wonderful structures which even we are not able to replicate properly? Is there something we are overlooking? Or is it really beyond us, our technology and capabilities?

We seem to have a vast knowledge about our past and the history of the countries. Aren’t there any records of how these structures were built and how they managed to do it all? Why haven’t we been able to know it?

 It seems so strange to me… We seem to know so much about everything. We seem to have answers for everything. But when we start thinking deeply there are so many questions unanswered, mysteries unsolved. There seems to be so much we don’t know.  When there are so many things we don’t know how can we be so sure of what we know? Well, everything appears to become complicated when you think that way! Life itself seems to get so complicated sometimes! I guess we don’t have such a long life to spend time thinking of what we don’t know. Maybe that’s why we give importance and care about only what we know.

 Anyway, like I mentioned, life is too short (maybe because we make it seem to be so) to waste time thinking of what we don’t know. But for those of you who are like me (thinking of what we do not know), HAPPY THINKING!! 😀 

 And…Keep smiling, coz it gives happiness, both to you and to others!! J


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