A few days ago, when I got a chance to sit and think (because there was nothing to do and lots of time to kill!), I was flooded by a hell lot of thoughts deep and philosophical.

 Sometimes, if you think deeply, you will realize that life seems so complicated. I mean, what exactly is life? An illusion? A journey? A gift from God? What is it? What is going on around us? So many such questions came into my mind…and I had no answers.

  I don’t know why but life seems to be something so beyond the limits of human understanding. It has different meanings for different people. They use it in different ways, living in different styles. So, is there some basic meaning in life? I do not know… I believe that we are all here for a purpose. And apart from that, I don’t think I know anything for sure.

  In the book named ‘The Zahir’ by Paolo Coelho, I found a lot of parts that captured my attention. Like the part about leaving one’s personal history, finding true happiness, understanding omens & signs, so on. I realized (or learnt) that I should forget all about my past experiences with love if I want to truly love and surrender myself to the man in my life. I have to let go of my past and everything else, and just let the energy of love take me to wherever it wants, along paths unexplored, roads untrodden, emotions unexperienced…

 So many thoughts, philosophies, musings…all so vast, complex, profound and thought provoking.

 Do I really have such a lot of time to spend on thinking such stuff which are eventually of no use to me? I mean, isn’t life short? Shouldn’t I try to enjoy every moment to the fullest rather than spend it thinking up complicated, philosophical stuff? I guess, I just can’t help thinking about things I don’t know. 🙂

  Right now, life is going on like everyday. I want to do something entirely different. I hate it when life gets monotonous or utterly predictable. I want to make a difference in each day, just to assure myself that atleast I tried to ‘live’ life rather than just going on like ever before…


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