The Vagaries of Life

Yesterday (23 December, 2008) had definitely been very much like a rollercoaster ride of emotions. It started off on a very happy note. But very soon, the day turned into a nightmare!

  In the morning, one of my classmates called me, interrupting my reverie, and told me that the father of a boy in my class had met with an accident and passed away. I was asked to get to school soon. I was shocked, stunned, lost… I hurried to school, all the while hoping that it wasn’t true…praying that it was all a mistake.

  Unfortunately, my prayers were not heard. After a while, all the students of our class were taken to the boy’s house. On reaching the house, I was pained more by seeing him (my classmate) standing there, still and devoid of any emotion, than by seeing his crying mother and sister. I tried to say something to him but when I looked into his eyes, I found them filled, suppressing all the pain that was tearing him up from within. I couldn’t find words to talk, I couldn’t find the strength to look into those eyes again.

  Since that moment, I have been wondering about a lot of things; realizing so many things that were always so obvious but never properly heeded. On the way back to school, there was only one image before my eyes – that of my classmate standing there, holding in everything; his eyes betraying him. It struck me, suddenly, that it was something that could have happened to me. I realized that life was truly unpredictable. We can never know what the very next moment may have in store for us!

 I felt an intense longing to go home and tell my parents how much they mean to me and that I love them a lot. I wanted to tell my sisters, friends and everyone around me that I love them, that life would never have been the same without them. That is one reason why I wrote this. Just so that I can tell my near and dear ones a simple message – I love you a lot! Thanks for being part of my life.

  I have also been reminded of how precious life is. It has put in me a zeal for life, just to live each moment. There is nothing we can get by worrying, it’s going to get us nowhere. I think we should all realize the value of life and just LIVE!

  The day’s incident also provoked some profound questions in me. I began asking myself and those around me, “Why do some people, who might be good and needed by others, have to die, and some people get to live, when they don’t even deserve to live?”

 This man was needed by so many, loved by so many, and I am sure he must not have done anything so wrong to get such a cruel punishment. What did his family do to go through all this? What did my classmate do to have to go through this torment at this age? Why did it have to happen to them, of all people? Why not someone who deserved it?

  I have been thinking of all these ever since I got back home yesterday. I don’t understand this whole business of life and death. On what basis is God choosing people to die? I really want to find out the answers to these questions. If there’s anyone who can answer them, please do help me.

  Knowing, or rather, realizing that life is completely unpredictable has helped me in many ways, and it has also caused me to ponder about what exactly is going on…

  I write this to put through to everyone out there a singularly plain but deeply meaningful message – LIVE LIFE! 🙂 Love you all….. ❤


4 thoughts on “The Vagaries of Life

  1. hiii….i really feel bad abt him too….life is sumthin tht we hv no control on…nd once our role is over we hv to go bck…

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