My Religious Views !

      This is something I wrote sometime ago. But due to the lack of time and interest (me being too lazy ), I couldn’t  get it uploaded till now. Today, I happened to read this post in a blog of one of my good friends. And that reminded me about my own post !! 😀

    Well… I have definite views about everything in life. I generally don’t allow it to be changed by others’ opinions but if I feel that my views need a change I don’t hesitate to bring about a change in the way I think.

       One such aspect of my life that has undergone a transformation recently is my views about religion. I come from a normal Christian family, hailing from Kerala. My parents are not so fanatically religious but they have brought me up, teaching me to follow my religion and to keep my religious values intact. Naturally, they expect me to believe in the religion they believe in, and along with it all the teachings, rituals and other customs that are basically part of the religion. My mother is a very religious person, unlike my father who is not so much into religion. He believes in God and all… but he doesn’t really lay so much stress on following all the religious practices. Maybe because of the freedom he gave me, I have developed very much different views of religion.

     As might be known, Christianity, at present, has various sects. These different groups have different beliefs and teachings. I was introduced to a group of Christianity, which taught differently from mine, when I was around 12 years old. I was taught so many things that were contrary to what was taught in my church. And I believed whatever was taught. I don’t mean to say that they taught me something wrong. I think whatever they taught me is true. Anyway, at that time my mother was very much disturbed because of my conflicting thoughts and she used to try to convince me that what I believed to be true is not actually so. Anyhow, it did nothing to change my opinion.

      Then, as I grew up, my religious views changed gradually. I was an extremely pious person before. But now, I am not. Religion is just another part of life, for me. A necessity that man himself has created. All the forms for applying for a job, enrolling into a school, college or whatever, asks you your religion. It seems like you cant exist without a religion. Definitely, I can’t be wrong if I say that it is a necessity that man himself has created!

  Another thing that I noticed was that religion did not necessarily change anyone. There are so many people who go to church (or their respective religious places) and ”pretend” to be so God-fearing and good, while truly they are far from being good! Religion doesn’t change such hypocrites, does it ? Not every religious person is good… On the contrary, I am sure that you can find so many good people who might not necessarily be very much into religion (me being one of them 😉  …).

     So…now I am not religious, as in, not so much into religion. I have a religion, just for namesake. I don’t mean to say that I am an atheist. I believe in God but I don’t feel it is necessary that I should be part of some religion in order to pray! If God is one, then why do we need so many religions ? In the blog I read today, it was mentioned that my friend (the writer) feels that God is more like an energy than a person or  power. And I completely agree with that. I don’t really go along with the typical image of God and prefer to believe that He is something that exists in all of us, everywhere and nowhere.

      Recently, I read in a book that people turn to religion for meaning in their life. When everything in life seems to be uncertain and meaningless, they turn to religion, expecting it to impart meaning to their lives. That made me think why I was following a religion. I had no answer. Except that I was doing it for the sake of it. I was following a particular religion because I had to. It doesn’t really matter which religion I belong to, as long as I belong to one.

      As for me, my religion doesn’t impart any great meaning to my life. I go to church, celebrate the Christian festivals, follow some values or customs…that’s about it. Maybe if I had an option I would choose not to do them. So you see, I am doing it just because I am of this particular religion. I am not so keen about doing it, it doesn’t mean anything to me, it doesn’t impart any meaning to my life.

      So, i reached the conclusion that nowadays religion is not really meant to give people the peace and meaning that they are looking for in life. The truth is that religion CANNOT give the meaning that people are trying to find in their life! It might give a sense of belongingness or something in those lines since it is part of a society.

     Some people might say that I am wrong. But I still stand firm on my claim/view that religion cannot impart any great meaning to life … That makes me wonder . . . There is so much of problems in the world at present, and so many of them are related to religion. Now, I find that extremely ridiculous. Man himself creates something, turns it into a necessity and wrecks the lives of so many innocent people. I wish these religious fanatics would, for one moment, realize the futility of what they are doing, even though I know it is impossible… !

  Well, I was initially worried whether this post would create any problems. But well, this is what I think; you might think differently. But I definitely am glad that my mom’s not going to read this! 😀

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