The Appalling Sin (??)…of accepting your Sexuality (or lack of it, as the case maybe!!)

A very long title…but interesting, nevertheless… 😀 and of course, quite curiosity-arousing!

Last day, while googling a book, I happened to come across a blog. I read through a couple of the posts and found it extremely interesting. One thing that caught my attention was the writer’s acknowledgment of the fact that she is asexual. Well, I should say I was really surprised. It was the first time I was reading about an asexual person…and I was interested in knowing more about them – their feelings, thoughts, how they realized their ‘asexuality’, problems they face, so on. And as usual, that led me to thinking up a LOT! I realized it wouldn’t be so easy for me to find people like that because they just don’t admit something like this so openly. And that is exactly the reason why I want to know more – because nobody ever comes out with it, if their sexuality is different. Different from what? From normal? Who defined normal, anyway?

I respect and admire the blogger for having been frank about her sexuality. I wish more people would gather the courage to do that. To be honest, I don’t see why others make such a big deal out of all this… So what if someone is asexual? At the end of the day, you enjoy sex and they don’t. Is that a big deal? A sin..or a crime? Is that really something so significant as to set them apart from the rest of us, claiming they aren’t really normal?

They say it’s a free world. Doesn’t one have the liberty to choose one’s own orientation, even? Why are we denied of something so basic? Especially after all the hype about legalizing homosexual/bisexual relationships and stuff… I really do not think much has changed. Yeah, maybe it is legal now. But does it reduce the disgrace that a person like that is subjected to (with special reference to the Indian culture, particularly Keralite)?

I believe your sexuality is purely and absolutely your personal choice…something as personal as stating your likes, dislikes or interests. You don’t have to be ashamed, depressed or dejected because you are different. Just believe in what you are, admit it confidently. I know it’s not possible to just tell someone a fact like this. But it’s time we actually came out of that stereotyped thinking.

It’s weird but so true. Tell someone you are homosexual/bisexual/asexual/whatever and they have this I-can’t-believe-you-said-that look on their face… as if you just confessed you are a terrorist/rapist/murderer…as if hearing that would have been somehow more natural and believable than the other. Sometimes, I feel many of us are forced to be heterosexuals because of the pressure we would otherwise have to face from the society. There are times when I’m dubious myself about which category I fall into. 😀

I hope, someday soon, the world will be a better place for all those who are different in their sexuality/orientation…a world where they and their personal choices will be respected and accepted.


6 thoughts on “The Appalling Sin (??)…of accepting your Sexuality (or lack of it, as the case maybe!!)

  1. heyy the difference is Keralites wod never digest the fact of being a gay just cos theyyy BELIEVE THEIR SO CALLED CULTURES !!! which is more like loosing their respect for ppl in front of other ppl, ego blah blah..

  2. People have to break free from culture, religion, beliefs, status anxiety, race and all such blah blah blah….and they have to realize that love is the foundation of all…be it the love someone has towards another human or even something as inanimate as a rock…

    But we can’t blame them either…they’ve always seen the world through the same looking glass and they just can’t accept the fact that what they see now…this new perspective…is real…and has a life of it’s own…they’ve been molded to think like that by everything around them…everything and more than what I mentioned in the beginning…but people like us have more understanding and compassion…so it’s only a matter of time before our generation saturates the culture…and by the time of our future generation…it will be complete…

    Don’t be concerned about what they say…we are the change…so we just have to live the change..we have to be courageous enough to bring about that change…

    • Thank you so much! After all, it’s awesome me who wrote it. But, seriously speaking, I’m glad people relate to and agree with this thought. I loved your comment…especially the line about people like us saturating the society. A very hopeful thought!

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