Musical Chatter :)

I was just listening to Kun Faya Kun from the movie Rockstar (starring Ranbir Kapoor and Nargis Fakhri). And I felt moved to write something about its effect on me. 🙂 I was completely astounded by it when I heard it first…and I still am, to a great extent. It did remind me of ‘Khwaja Mere Khwaja’ (from Jodha Akbar) but that did nothing to lessen the charm of the song for me. It’s such a soulful song… Trust AR Rahman to create sheer brilliance in music! The songs of Rockstar prove his genius all over again!
Kun Faya Kun absolutely soothes my mind, calming my thoughts…in short, it takes me into another world. 🙂 In spite of the intense religious implications in the lyrics, it doesn’t fail to touch something within me…some part of my inner self (that others might call my ‘soul’).
It’s amazing how music connects to your soul, moulds your thoughts. And this happens at a stupefying level when it comes to AR Rahman’s music. Kun Faya Kun quietens my mind as much as Sadda Haq (another song from the same movie) stirs the rebel inherent in me. I love Sadda Haq for its candid, spurring lyrics and of course, the music. It’s nothing short of inspiriting, for me!! Awesome music, of two extreme kinds…by the same prodigious man! Now that’s what I call the work of a genius! 🙂

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