Books, Love, Friends…

Well, I’m almost finished with P.S I Love You. And I can’t stop talking about it! It’s such a beautiful book… Especially towards the end of it, I began to kinda ‘be’ Holly. When she found herself in this disturbing situation, I could literally feel the lump in my throat! And there was this part where the author writes from Gerry’s point of view…I almost cried on reading that! One hell of a book, seriously! You know, as I near the end of it, I find myself wishing it wouldn’t get over. I want it to go on, I want to go on reading about Holly, her life, family & friends, thoughts, problems and joys… I don’t always feel that way when I read. But with this one, I do. That made me think… Sometimes, life is like reading a book. You don’t want it to get over… you want to go on experiencing all those sensations… But you know you can’t…you know very well that it has to stop sometime…and not all books are big, fat, chunky ones…(the point being: some books may end sooner than others) 🙂 Very insightful thought, right? (Coming from me, after all :P)

Reading the book has also touched me in a way I cannot really explain. I was very moved by the relationship Holly and Gerry share. Even though my perceptions about relationships, commitment and marriage have changed drastically over the past few months, I found myself wishing that someday, I will be able to feel the same way about someone (ie. the way Holly feels about Gerry)… I would love to feel that way about someone… But I guess I really don’t want it to be so all-consuming, as in, I wouldn’t want ‘him’ to be the only thing in my life! I would hate that…which is why I get bored with the books in Twilight series! Bella and Edward seem to have nothing else in their life, except each other, that is… I just cannot understand how they go on like that, without getting bored ever!!! Beats me!!

Well, coming back to real life, today was the first day of my 6th semester in college. And it was fun! I (and a big bunch of my classmates) got kicked out of class for coming late after the lunch break. I know it’s supposed to sound like trouble, but let me be honest, I loved it! I found it to be great fun! 😛

Talking about classmates, one of my best friends called me up last night. I was surprised because we mostly keep in touch through mails (she kinda lives at the other end of the world… OK, maybe not exactly at the other end… :D) and I wasn’t expecting her to call at that time. I thought she might have something important to say. But much to my surprise and delight, she said she had just called because she thought of me and felt like talking. That was touching! I was beaming with happiness after we hung up (even though we just spoke for a few minutes!). Love you, SAMBA! Miss my friends so badly. Miss all the crazy times we used to have! 😦 Hmmm…I always believe that true friends will stay with you, no matter where you go, what you are… Of course, the difficult part is finding one!:)

🙂 I guess I have come up with another specimen of the typical bullshit I’m capable of! 😛 Tadaaa…!




One thought on “Books, Love, Friends…

  1. i love u too rosh, i ws reali missin u tht tym, waitin for u to get baq
    n guess wht even i cried whn i read tht book, its my fav, n for so many weeks i kept wishin i dun lose my love. love u sweety, waiting for the next one 😉

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