Beginning of the Last Sem in College… (Whewww!!) :D

College has reopened…and classes have resumed, in full swing! And that means: back to boring classes, sitting sleepily through hours of lectures (which don’t make any sense at all!), passing notes to each other in class, struggling to keep my eyes open, daydreaming, thinking about what to do for lunch…and a lot of other such ‘interesting’ stuff! 😀 But what I hate most about college reopening is the fact that I don’t get much time to indulge in my newfound pleasure, my wonderful source of happiness – blogging!! Apart from the fact that college drains me of time, one difficulty I face is, now that the college is back in functional mode, it doesn’t give me the right atmosphere and ‘ambience’ that drives me to write. I mean, I need a certain degree of silence and ambience around me so that I can sit down and type out whatever is on my mind…without distractions or other problems. Unfortunately, that doesn’t happen in the current situation. But of course, that definitely does not mean I will stop doing what I love! 🙂

All my classmates and friends are back. As our final year is nearing to an end (with just around 3 months or so left), almost everyone is asking each other about what we are planning to do next. Some are tensed, some confused, some all set to go out into the world…but whatever others tell me, I’m happy to say that I have finally reached a stage in life where I am unperturbed by all that I hear…and am happy with what is happening and completely ready to accept what is about to happen…more precisely, what I’m about to do (obviously, things just don’t happen by themselves!). Right now, I’m reading this book which says that life is supposed to be uncertain, its very nature is uncertain. Maybe I should have written about it earlier..I would have been reading all my thoughts in my own book, then! 😀

Recently, I had this very meaningful thought… People come into your life for a reason, be it good or bad. And they stay with you to manifest that very reason. But if they come, they have to leave as well. And they leave for a reason, too, no matter whether you like it or not. You might find someone to fill in the void they leave behind, or you might not. But somehow, if a person touches your life, you will never be able to completely let go of his/her memories, even after a long time. Last day, I happened to think about some people I have met in life…people who have been with me for a while and then left, sometimes by choice, sometimes by chance. And I got this thought…they have all come into my life for some ulterior reason (which I might not understand right now) and I guess I couldn’t have stopped them from going away, I couldn’t have forced them to stay. But atleast, they are still with me…in thoughts and memories…

This thought also made me think of my present classmates in college. For 3 whole years, all 62 (as of now) of us have been sitting within the same 4 walls…studying, talking, spending time, laughing, doing things together… And next year, by this time, all of us will be in so many different places…without much idea of where the others are. It’s a really saddening thought, but one that cannot be avoided. So, this is to all my classmates and friends at college: Wherever each one of you maybe, whatever you maybe doing, irrespective of whether we are in contact or not, I will always remember all of you. In the long run, I may forget your face, your name…but I will always treasure and cherish the memories I created with you all…and I want you to know that these 3 years would never have been so beautiful without each one of you… I hope we get to meet again some time, someday, somewhere. Love you all. 🙂


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