* Christmassy thoughts *… :)

Last day, one of my friends, Anju, told me that she read my blog and loved it so much that she keeps going back to it very often. And let me confess, she is the last person I expected to read my blog, let alone love it. So, I was really touched and happy…because I could reach out to someone like her. She is so not into reading and definitely not while she is online and has a million other things she could do. 🙂 She really liked my thoughts on uncertainty and it did lift her spirits. But now, she is back to being confused again. Back to feeling disturbed because she has no clue about what to do next. I can understand her emotions because I have gone through the very same situation. Right now, everything may seem foggy and blurred (to her and all those in the same situation). But someday soon, there will be this amazing moment of clarity when you will realize what exactly you would like to do in life. It will come when you least expect it, something like a jolt. So, till it strikes you, try to move on and have hope…for you are sure to find your way in life. And by the way, it is perfectly ok to make mistakes once in a while. It helps you understand what is right, apart from being a learning experience. 😀

December has arrived. And along with it has set in the wonderfully familiar season of Christmas. Right from childhood, Christmas has been my favourite time of the year. I love the cold mornings, occasional drizzle, cool evenings and the whole feel of Christmas that seems to be instilled in the air. I love the Christmas decorations hanging in shop windows, trees being put up and decorated, the cakes :D, the Christmas carols (LOVE THEM!!!), people walking around with a smile, families getting together to celebrate and experiencing the feeling of togetherness that I consider to be an inevitable part of Christmas. There are so many memories associated with this season that endear it to me all the more. The Christmas carol practice as part of Junior Church (kinda like the Sunday School), gifts, meeting up with cousins, decorating the house, so many fond memories. And with New Year just a week away, you can’t help feeling spirited! 🙂 Although, this time, I don’t think Christmas will be the same since I’m away from home, away from my family. I miss them all so badly…especially since this is a time I have always spent with them! Let’s just hope it turns out to be good. 🙂

Anyway, keeping aside all my worries about how Christmas will turn out to be, I’m still kind of surprised when I think about the fact that the year has gone by so damn fast! It’s already December. And I can still remember 1st January of this year, as if it were just yesterday. Time does fly… At times, it is pretty scary but I guess we should just look forward and welcome the gifts life has in store for us and not keep looking back at the past that we will never be able to retrieve (yeah, unless you get hold of a real time machine!). So, wish you all a great time ahead. Have fun…! 🙂

6 thoughts on “* Christmassy thoughts *… :)

    • i dont have hopes that i will enjoy it better than previous time. but i hope it doesnt turn out to be as bad as i fear 😀

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