The Hardwork Behind Utilizing Time in Class ;)

Back in school, I was always the attentive student, listening in class, taking notes, completing the notes on time and of course, getting good grades. But once I joined college, things seem to have gone topsy-turvy. And I should say, it was a completely conscious decision. Now, I hardly ever listen in class. My notebooks are a mess – mostly just an illegible scrawl of numbers and words which I know I won’t ever bother touching for the exams. When it comes to grades, I use my ‘amazing’ imagination and intelligence to create answers of my own and mostly end up with a neat B or C, which is more than enough for me (of course, the ‘more than enough’ doesn’t apply to my parents, relatives and the like).

So, how do I sit through 5 hours of bullshit in class? I thought I would finally reveal my secret to wasting time in class successfully, ie without being caught (this can also be translated as: the secret to using time in class productively ;)). I don’t think it’s much of a secret but it just might come in handy for those of you who aren’t as skilled as me. 😛

It’s always good if you sit at the extreme back or at the extreme front. Most teachers concentrate on students at the back and tend to overlook those sitting in the front. That works to my advantage, since I sit in the first row, right under the nose of the teachers. But I was sitting in the last row during my 1st year and I never got caught, which is why I say back row isn’t so bad either.

Mostly, I spend my time daydreaming. One skill that will be extremely useful in class is that of daydreaming while you look straight at the teacher (ie without making it evident on your face). So, I spend most of the hours staring at the teacher’s face and dreaming away. Of course, I have ended up laughing or smiling while thinking of funny incidents. The trick is to disguise the ‘reaction’ or control it effectively. Another one of my favourite class-time activity is to scribble stuff on the sides of the textbooks. It looks like you are taking notes when actually, you are writing out what’s in your head. I write out the lyrics of the songs I’m humming (that’s always entertaining since I can’t sing out loud :D), thoughts in my head or just doodle away and entertain myself.

Then, there’s the age-old practice of writing notes to friends. That is something I love. I used to (and still do) incessantly pass notes to friends and those sitting behind me (poor souls, who have to be the ‘postmen’) would joke that they should start charging me for each note. Thanks to this wonderful activity, I was able to invent some innovative and discrete ways for passing notes in class. During some of the boring hours, especially after lunch, we (the crazy first benchers) pass food items (chips, chocolates, candy…anything) and sneak it into our mouths when the teacher isn’t looking.Of course, being girls, this would be accompanied by the inevitable round of giggles. 😀 Texting or playing games on the phone is the favourite of some, but I never found it so enjoyable. Then, of course, there’s the all-time favourite – sleeping! But being a very ‘unproductive’ and unexciting activity, I stick to daydreaming or doodling in the textbooks. Yet another interesting activity my friends and I engage in is commenting on the teachers, the stuff they say, picturizing them in different ‘appearances’ or situations. Trust me, that’s hilarious!! Just make sure no one bursts out laughing, though.


These are just a handful of stuff I do to utilize my time in class ‘productively’. I’m not sure if it is safe to disclose all the crazy stuff we do. In short, all I do is have fun in my own way, while all those nerds fill their heads with stuff like Income Tax, Costing and lots more (which will be of absolutely no use to me, anyway). So, now you know how hard I work during those 5 hours in class!! 🙂 Do let me know about your hard work, too. 😀 Don’t worry, it’s going to be just between us! 😛

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