Colouring Thoughts

Recently, I developed this craze for anklets. One day, while I was out with my sister, I happened to see this anklet in a shop and…it was love at first sight! OK, let me tell you, it was nothing so elegant or beautiful. It was funky and purely crazy, which was exactly what I wanted. I bought it right away. So many of my friends, particularly guys, tease me saying it looks too bright or too ‘crazy’. But I completely love it! It has translucent chunks/beads of bright colours like orange, pink, green, yellow and blue. I know that must sound really crazy. When I asked one of my friends about it, she replied that it was indeed crazy but that it defined me. And I knew she was right.

 Lately, I have developed this love and fascination for colours…all colours. My favourite colour is red, closely followed by black, white and grey. There’s something so capturing about red that draws me to it, almost magically. I have loved red since the time I began recognizing colours. It is different, it’s bright and I feel it signifies an extremity of emotions (which I think suits me). Black is, of course, elegant and mysterious. It has a way of pulling you towards it. And the fact that it holds in it all the colours is reason enough for me to find it uniquely enchanting. White is an awesome colour. Its purity never fails to amaze me. It is so pure, so ‘blank’, so untouched (by anything)… I feel ‘white’ is the only word that can fully describe white. Because no other word could illustrate its unmatched, flawless beauty.

And grey…now, that is one colour I have never heard ANYONE mention among their favourites…and one colour that has required an explanation for being in my favs-list. People say grey cannot be defined because it is neither black nor white. I say, that is exactly the definition of grey. It is neither black nor white, neither dark nor light… Human beings are somewhat like that, I believe – neither good nor bad. So, I’d say grey is a colour that defines human beings. It signifies the middle…the grey region between good and evil where we all exist. I find it to be a very interesting colour, one full of intrigue and shadows (if you know what I mean).

Like I said, I have begun to love colours, in general. So, I thought I would share my thoughts on some colours. Yellow – which is the least favourite of most – is a colour I have come to love for its brightness. For me, it signifies sunshine which in turn means a lot of cheerfulness. I think it’s a very pleasant and cheerful colour. And it requires a lot of confidence for someone to step out in yellow. Same goes for orange. Apart from being a bright, cheery colour, I love orange because it somehow connects to my crazy side.

I definitely LOVE brown. It is, after all, the colour of coffee and chocolate (two of my all-time & biggest addictions). But apart from that, brown has a kind of earthy feel to it and I love that. There’s blue…which is a very special colour for me as it is the favourite of almost all my best friends. A very calming colour, it reminds me of the ocean, infinite and deep. I love the royal blue shade better than the lighter or darker ones…I feel it somehow stands out!! There’s green – the inevitable colour – which is all around us in the form of nature…soft, soothing but significant nonetheless. There is purple…an inexplicable colour of elegance that I love a lot! I know I have been ignoring pink. That is because it’s such a girly colour and I can’t really say I love it, though I do like the hot, shocking pink shades! 🙂 So, what’s your favourite colour??

So many colours…and a hell lot of shades for each one of them. Somehow, they seem to go unnoticed often, even when they fill our world with their hues. It’s all around us, within us…because all of us carry these colours in us, in our thoughts and dreams. Maybe it’s the pervasive, omnipresent nature of colours that cause it to go unheeded or unappreciated, at least. Take a minute and open your eyes to the myriad colours around you (and in you)…colours that are always so etched into our lives. Have a colourful day ahead!! 🙂


3 thoughts on “Colouring Thoughts

  1. Purple! Of course you know that!..It’s so elegant and it kind of drove me to that color. Then white. I love that colour because, of course, because it’s so pure and it is a color which make any color light. You knw wat i meant. It can make any color light from dark. Then….. I like black and red. That’s it!

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