Have I Dreamt of You before?

Today, early morning (sometime around 3am or so, I believe) I saw this very intriguing dream. The first half seemed new to me, as in, I knew (quite certainly) that I was seeing it for the first time. There was someone with me, I can’t recollect who it was, though. She (I’m sure it was a ‘she’) was saying something about patterns we can make on the sand (the location was a beach, at night) and then, moved onto say something about her artwork. Next thing I see is something weirdly familiar. And then, it struck me that I had seen this dream before. I saw this child (I think it was me, though I don’t remember for sure) holding a kind of painting and without anything being explained, I knew that it was a painting her father had given her before dying. I could remember ‘scenes’ from the first version of the dream and that’s how I understood this detail of the dream. I woke up just then, because the thought was so surprising that it pulled me out of sleep.

I could not remember seeing this dream before but I was absolutely certain that I had. I found that very weird. I keep seeing such dreams – completely like a story or a movie, with a proper plot, ending and everything – and another weird thing is, I see the same dream or the same story very often, like every now and then. I have this habit of writing down my most vivid dreams in as much detail as I can. And I have written accounts of a few dreams like this…a story completely made up by my overactive, sleepless mind. Today, when I woke up in the middle of the night (early morning, to be precise), I lay awake for a while, wondering what my mind was trying to convey with dreams like the one I had just seen. Maybe it’s giving me ideas for a story (I keep complaining I don’t have ideas for a proper story), maybe it’s just a random work of imagination. I really have no idea but I sure want to find out.

Coming back to today’s experience, after some thinking, I went back to sleep. Right at the moment I closed my eyes, half-asleep already, I saw this image of a guy and I somehow instinctively knew he was a ‘bad guy’. I pushed away the image and tried to sleep. And again, I saw another image, a different guy. But this time, my instincts told me he was someone special, someone important for me. Again, it intrigued me so much that I gave up trying to sleep (atleast for a while) and went back to thinking. I don’t know either of the guys I saw, and I don’t know if I ever will get to know them or see them. But I began wondering: I see so many strangers, unknown faces, in my dreams. Could there really be a person like that, somewhere in this world? Will I, some day, happen to meet them? How would it be like – meeting someone you have dreamt of? And what if they have dreamt of me, as well?

I don’t know how my mind conjures up all those unknown people for my dreams. Guess I’ve got a cool, imaginative mind, after all. Anyway, so, I finally went back to sleep. And guess what? I saw another ‘serial’ dream, one I have seen so many times; more than twice, definitely. In fact, I know the dream so well that after the first couple of times, I began ‘altering’ (more like bringing on) the end myself! Let me explain. The dream basically features my family – dad, mom, sister and me. But the ‘mom’ character in the dream isn’t my mom in real life. The ‘dad’ in the dream is a bad guy and the ‘mom’ dies somehow because of him (but through some weird way of thoughts or something, she does illustrate a certain method to kill the ‘dad’ guy –ย  something like locking him up in a room and setting it on fire from outside). I have seen the original version of the dream atleast twice, maybe even more – versions with the ‘dad’ guy still living in the end. When I saw it for the third time (assuming I had seen it only twice earlier), I remembered how the ‘mom’ had shown a way to kill the ‘dad’ guy and I used the idea, killing him myself. I followed the same steps that I remembered from the previous dream and TADAAA…happy ending! When I start seeing this dream, after a while, I think “I have seen this before…and I can use this plan to kill this guy because I saw it in the same dream last time”. What I’m trying to say is, the whole thing (remembering I have seen it before, borrowing the idea from the previous dream, carrying it out) happens within a dream!! I don’t know if you understood anything, but I was dumbstruck when I finished thinking about this.

I saw this very same dream for ‘God-knows-how-many-th’ time today… This time, my mind improvised it (to eliminate the element of repetition and boredom, perhaps). There was a neighbour visiting on the night I was supposed to kill the ‘dad’… I was supposed to lock him in a room; there was a cloth wedged in between (new addition), which I pulled out right at the last moment and this time, I had to take some effort to lock the door. But anyway, I got a happy ending again! This dream is one I have seen very often (as already said) but I NEVER remembered it when I woke up…until today!!!

I don’t know why I see such dreams so repetitively. It’s weird and I want to know why it happens. If anyone out there has an answer, do let me know. Anyhow, today was a relatively boring, unremarkable day (apart from the singularity of the dreams :D). Today, I had thought I would write something that comes into my mind at random. But when I woke up, I knew I wanted to blog about the dreams I saw. I can’t wait to laze around the whole weekend, reading or sleeping or just doing nothing! ๐Ÿ™‚ Happy weekend to you all!! Dream away!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

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