The Case of the Puzzling ‘Hyperactivity’ of Senses

Recently, I spoke to a close friend of mine. We are really good friends and since we don’t get to talk on a daily basis, we make it a point to catch up with each other whenever we can. During one such conversation, she told me something odd about herself. She said that she could smell death… (Yeah, you read it right!) I began asking her a lot of questions, being the ever-inquisitive person I am. She explained that it wasn’t like she could get a kind of unique smell. But there is a certain smell she can sense, at times; a smell of something familiar (she describes it as something similar to the smell of some plums, weird as that may sound) but one that she has come to associate with death. Whenever she gets this smell (this happens very much at random and quite often, with old people), she hears about a death very soon, sometimes on the same day. This does not extend to unknown people, though. Or maybe she just hasn’t bothered to notice it with strangers. Anyway, she can smell death, very strangely.

Death beckoning...can u SMELL it??

As we continued talking, she told me that she has this weird ability of being able to get the taste of something when she smells it. As in, when she smells a flower, she gets the taste of it too. Might be an odd manifestation of synesthesia, I really don’t know. But I was super-curious, nonetheless. She hadn’t given much importance to it, until recently, when it struck her that it was unusual. Much to my surprise, she told me that her cousin has the same ‘characteristic’ – being able to taste something when she gets the smell. We assumed it must be something passed on to them through the family.

Apart from such unusual ‘abilities’, my friend has an uncanny skill in understanding people after a single conversation, grasping others’ emotions so amazingly well and reading others’ minds. It might not sound very unusual but you need to experience it firsthand to understand the extent of this skill. I have been seeing this for a while now…and that’s why I’m convinced it is nothing like what I have ever seen. It’s really weird, but we realized that only when we put everything together. I felt that, at some level, this must be something like an extraordinary or otherworldly power…though, in a more believable and ‘humane’ manifestation.

I would really like to know a lot more about this – what, how and why? But at this point, I suppose I don’t have the required facilities for it. For the past few days, my mind has been getting flooded by such ‘supernatural’ thoughts. There’s a lot we know, but a hell of a lot more that we don’t. Damn! If only I could get hold of Sherlock Holmes. This would have been, as usual, singularly elementary for him! 🙂


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