Touching Trivialities

Last week, one of my roommates happened to say something that really touched me. Maybe she meant it as a joke but it seriously touched me. She asked me if I would remember her, after we left college and went our separate ways. We spoke about it for a while. From our conversation, I understood that she doesn’t expect me to think of her in the future because we are not really close on a personal level.

I felt really bad, knowing that that’s what she thought about me – that I would forget her just because we aren’t close friends. She is a really sweet girl and someone I adore a lot! Of course, I would remember her as part of my college memories. Moreover, we are roommates…and I LOVE her so much. Isn’t that reason enough for her to be part of my memories (as if I need a reason, in the first place)?

Come to think of it, I guess I can’t blame her for thinking what she did. You meet many people in life, you don’t actually remember all of them, do you? I realized that there are quite a few people I have met along the walk of life, whom I think of and remember once in a while inspite of the fact that they may not be very close to me. They might be people who were with me for a very short time, maybe even so short that it seems irrelevant. Or they might be friends who aren’t personally close to me (beyond an extent, that is)… For instance, there’s this guy who I can really connect to, someone I love talking to, who understands me to a great extent…but someone who doesn’t really know me well, personally. The ‘but’ factor doesn’t do anything to change the way I feel about him. Though, I really don’t think he knows it. πŸ™‚

Anyway, what I wanted to put through is: you may think you aren’t special, that someone you know may never remember you later in life, but you never know how much you might mean to that person. So, don’t presume too much. As simple as that! πŸ™‚

Sometimes, you meet certain people who touch your life so deeply…so much that they remain a part of your memories always, even long after you lose touch with them. Whenever you think of them, a smile lights up your face and you feel warm within, thinking of the times you spent with them. It might sound a little too emotional to yourself. But you know you needn’t be sad just because they are faraway. A part of them is always alive in you, a part of yours in them.

One such person who touched my life was Sandhya. She was in the last year of her Post Grad when we first spoke to each other. Inspite of having been in the same hostel for almost 2 years, we hadn’t spoken to each other before that. Since we were the only ones (along with 2 other PG students) at hostel during the Easter holidays, we bonded very easily and quite quickly. Sandhya is a very friendly, sweet, lovable and extremely talkative person. We must have spent around 10 days together. And those will always be some of the most memorable and cherished days I had at hostel. What did we do? Nothing much, actually. We talked, went out once or twice, talked, watched a hell lot of movies, talked, ate like HELL, talked and talked and talked (that’s something inevitable with Sandhya)! πŸ˜€ We had so many funny experiences…many that will always bring a smile to my face. We used to sit late into the night watching movies, using 3 laptops (reason: low backup for 2 of them)…!!! All the fruits-shopping…stuffing ourselves with food on some days…the many times Sandhya was scared to go out of the room as it was dark outside…staying up late into the night and talking , until Masen (Sandhya’s roommate) asked if we had any intention of sleeping (obviously because she wanted to sleep :P)…Sandhya’s interesting slang and the incessant chatter, her many stories…

I shared a very comfortable and endearing intimacy with her. We may not be close on a very personal level. But she is one of the most special persons I have ever met in life. And that isn’t something that has changed with distance. A few months ago, she had come back for an exam. On the morning she had to leave, I was in her room, talking… Finally, standing at the threshold of the room, ready to bid farewell, my eyes actually welled up. It really touched her, knowing that she meant so much to me. It was hard for both of us to leave the other and walk off. I will never be able to forget that day, just as I will never forget the days with her. I don’t know if I will ever see her again, especially once I leave college. But wherever she is, I hope she always remains happy…and I hope she knows she will live in my memories always. Miss her a lot!

A great, big hug to all my friends, all those people I have met some time or the other in life… You have touched me in some way or the other, big or small… πŸ™‚ The time I spent with you will be part of the ‘treasures’ that I have tucked away safely into a deep but dear part of my mind! πŸ™‚



One thought on “Touching Trivialities

  1. Really touching story, its amazing how many people you meet through life and just how many will live on in your memory. You don’t need to know someone on a personal level to appreciate the time you have with them, just being comfortable around someone is special in itself. You definetly have the right outlook on life, everyone you meet will have an affect on you and who you are. Really thought provoking.

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