Missing the BRATS…

I’m actually sort of tired of writing too much sensible, thoughtful stuff. Sometimes, a break seems so essential…and delicious! πŸ™‚ So, I thought I would take the so-called break and write some random bullshit that comes into my head.

I miss my sisters a LOT! Both of them are younger to me, one by 2 years and the other by 8 years. Right now, the youngest one is alone, since we (the elder two) have come down for our studies. And I know she is going through a lot of loneliness… Inspite of the age difference, both of them are very much like my best friends. We weren’t very close, initially. But somewhere along the way, I started growing closer to them. And that is when I realized that they need me. Being the eldest, I could help and guide them through life’s phases, preparing them, in a way, for the situations I have been through and which they will, inevitably, go through.

I have wondered how 3 girls of such different characters could exist under the same roof. But I guess, it’s our diversities that hold us

Sisters - bonded for life... πŸ™‚

together. I share almost all of my experiences with both of them…and it’s amazing to see their reactions, at times. Janet (the older of the two) has a way of giving sensible opinions, always reproaching me for being the stupid twit I am. Ann (the youngest one) thinks a lot like me and is happy to just listen to my ramblings, though there are instances when she can be super-sensible too. That leaves me looking like the youngest one in the family! πŸ˜€

Our personal worlds are so different. Yet, I know that we will always be a part of each other’s worlds. More than a blood relation, there is something far stronger bonding us together. For one thing, I know that they are two persons I can turn to at any time of the day, with anything, without any fear of being judged, knowing that they will stand by me through almost everything. I absolutely love the bond we share. It is something I rarely find among sisters. Which is why I’m proud of both the brats, and our special bond.

Ann is crazy about Hilary Duff..

There is a certain energy around, when the three of us gets together, very palpable and intensely felt. While I was in school, back at home, we used to spend evenings, listening to songs, talking away about anything and everything. Sometimes, I have kept Janet up at night, not letting her sleep, forcing her to listen to my nonsense. Every new incident or experience in my life was shared with them. I used to discuss every decision, every plan that came up in my head. The late night movies (especially, horror movies); shopping together – playing hide & seek or singing along while at the mall, observing people and thinking up stuff about them; silly fights, serious fights, making up; Ann’s various accidents (Tankado!!); all the stupidities we have been through…there are so many memories with them that I hold close to heart. I miss them all so badly. Especially when I read ‘P.S I Love You’, I got reminded of my sisters a lot!!

After I joined college, a considerable physical distance has crept up between us. But I do keep in touch with both of them, not wanting to miss anything in their lives. I still confide in them and tell them almost everything that happens to me. I want to be there for them always. But I realize that I have come into a different phase of life – one that does not allow me the luxury of spending a lot of time with my sisters. Yet, our bond has withstood the test of time and distance. It doesn’t matter if we are faraway, if we don’t get much time together. We know that what we share will remain the same. Next time we get together, I know that all the time that passed in between will become irrelevant. We will always be the three crazy idiots, then and now.

Although, I can’t help admitting that I miss them, and the times we used to have, back at home. I laugh out loud thinking of all the funny instances we had, I smile at the memory of their subtle expressions of love, I cringe at the various fights we have had…But whatever maybe the thought, I think of them with a painful longing, a wish that I could get them all back once more. 😦 Life would not have been so great (and so much FUN!!) if I hadn’t had them with me. Had I been asked to list out some of the best things that have happened to me in life, my sisters would be among the first few!! πŸ™‚ Sisterhood rocks! And this is to the two brats who add joy to my days: I love you little devils, both of you…always have, always will. You are the best… πŸ™‚ Miss you both like HELL!!

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