5 Qualities I LOVE in People (or 5 Qualities that Attract Me to Others)

Since I wrote about 5 qualities I hate in others, I thought I should also be writing about 5 qualities I love and that attract me to others. I take my time to understand people, but tend to trust others blindly if I like them. So, what happens is: I like someone, I trust them and by the time I come to understand them properly, it would too late. Of course, there have been some exceptions. And those exceptions are the ones I call my BEST FRIENDS! Anyway, this list includes the top 5 qualities that would make me like a person I’m meeting or talking to, for the first time (obviously!!).

1. Intelligence – I don’t mean the ‘bookish’ intelligence. And I don’t mean the unnatural level of intelligence that people like scientists possess. What I’m talking about is a general kind of intelligence, a normal level of it, if not a little high. 🙂 Someone who would fit my idea of intelligence would be a person who: has some knowledge about different subjects (a little of everything), thinks deeply about life & its various aspects, can engage in a good, intellectual conversation, is eager to know & learn more and can drive me to think more. Basically, someone who can complement me and challenge me, intellectually. It is something I admire in people, something that instantly attracts me to them. And I love talking to such individuals.

2. Humour Sense – I can easily fall for people with a good sense of humour. Not the weird kind of humour sense which is ‘humour’ only for the speaker! I’m talking about people who are spontaneously and naturally witty, clever or downright funny. I love people who make me laugh (who doesn’t!!)…and it’s always fun to be with someone who can easily dispel your worries and make you laugh out loud. A good sense of humour is something that would definitely attract me to a person.

3. Similarity in thoughts/interests/wavelength – I’m so madly drawn to people who have similar interests or share similar thoughts with me.

This is where I belong 🙂

It’s quite rarely that I come across individuals who think like me. And, very unfortunately, I should say, these rare individuals mostly don’t include guys. Anyway, I absolutely love people who think or have same interests as me. Especially, ardent readers! I love talking about books, authors, so on and I’d be delighted with someone who reads, who is interested in talking about books. Apart from that, some other interests that I would possibly like to find in others are writing, movies, music, travelling & (probably) blogging. I love being with and talking to people of the same wavelength as me, people with whom I can effortlessly connect to, and vice-versa.

4. Cheerful/Optimistic Attitude – I can get really impressed by a person who is naturally cheerful and surrounded by positive energy. It is something important and extremely attractive, to me. It doesn’t necessarily mean the bubbly, hyperactive kind of cheerfulness, though I like that, too. You know a cheerful person when you see one. He will be happy, going about everything with a zeal that others (less cheerful ones, that is) lack and he will always give you a lot of positive vibes. That is something I LOVE in others.

5. Good Language – I was wondering what I would list as the last quality. I had a few in mind, but when I thought of this one, it surpassed all others, significantly. I have to admit, I’m instantly attracted to anyone who has a good language, ie. a great command over language and a good vocabulary. I have always found that I feel comfortable with those who possess this particular trait. It might be because of the fact that I can easily interact with them. In the case of guys, good language is a definite turn-on! 😀

Of course, there are many other qualities I like in others…but ultimately, I’d say, what matters is who you are and how confident you are to be your true self, with everyone.


8 thoughts on “5 Qualities I LOVE in People (or 5 Qualities that Attract Me to Others)

  1. I agree with all your points there. I think all those qualities are necessary in someone to be able to get along with them, at least for me. I know as a guy, if I meet a girl who has no sense of humour, or who I can’t have a decent conversation with, I’ll lose interest pretty much straight away. I also couldn’t be with someone who is super-negative, I have been down that path before with someone and they end up just bringing you down with them. I mean everybody has their down times, I myself have times where I struggle to be my usual optimistic self, but still…
    Great blog you have here in general, by the way. Just had a quick skim through it, I like it! 🙂

  2. I find that palette particularly intriguing, and have noticed that those are all inherent traits in my closest friends 😀 Somebody who is positive and cheerful despite undesirable situations, who has a great vocal prowess and also the wisdom and knowledge to add substance to his or her speech – I am yet to find a more cohesive combination!

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