Confessions of a Crazy Bookworm! :)

Most of my friends call me a bookworm. Some just don’t understand what I find so captivating in a book, some are more like disgusted, some just let me be. And yet another bunch of friends join me in my love for books. To be honest, I love being called a bookworm. It’s one of the best nicknames anyone could ever give me. And I’m infinitely proud to be a bookworm. 🙂 Seriously! (You must be thinking: “She’s definitely lost it!”)

You might know how crazy girls get when they see clothes, accessories and the like. I react somewhat similar to that, when I see a bookstore. I can’t think of any other place I’d really love to be at! Show me a bookshop, any day, and I will go crazy with excitement. I will be on the verge of shouting out (or already doing it), my face lighting up in an instant…and before you know it, I’ll be inside the store, running around from one corner to the other. I lose all sense of time, place and people when I’m amidst books. I might squeal or

Ah!! Happiness!!!

jump or react in some way with a considerable level of excitement; I might be talking to myself, looking longingly at some books (enough to raise some suspicions in the person working at the store regarding my sanity). And I guess I should confess, working in a bookshop has always been one of my secret dreams!! Hope it comes true, some wonderful day in the near future!

I find complete, unadulterated happiness when I’m surrounded by books. There’s nothing in this whole, wide world that can be compared to that joy. It is almost heartbreaking for me to leave a bookshop. I can’t bear to leave all those books behind, so many books that I love. Friends who know me will testify that they find it super-hard to pull (read: drag) me out of a bookshop. And even after I leave, I will be lost in thoughts…thinking of the treasures I left behind. A bookshop is my ultimate spot of happiness…any time, any day. So, call me a bookworm, as much as you like. I love it!

I always have some books around me or with me, mostly. At college, you will, invariably, find a novel or some book on my desk (NEVER textbooks, though). At hostel, the corner near my pillow is devoted to a small pile of books. It’s the same at home. I try to always surround myself with books. Somehow, I seem to imbibe a kind of energy and joy from them. I know it might sound insane… But it’s true, for me, atleast.

I don’t know how I began reading. From the time I remember, I have been into books and reading. Right from childhood! I started with kids’ magazines, then fairy tales, slowly progressing into short stories, Enid Blyton books (the inevitable adventures of the Famous Five!!!), Nancy Drew, classics… From the time I opened my first book, there has been no looking back. I have no idea how it all began. But it has always been there, a part of me, a constant and definite source of bliss for me.

When I read a book, I lose myself in it. I see the characters, sometimes in myself; I feel their happiness, sorrow, fear, love. I experience their emotions, I cry with them, laugh with them. That is why each book is a distinct experience for me. They take me into a different world, one that is created in those few hundred pages. I see people I have never met before (and never will, I guess), places I have never seen… Whatever I am, today, I owe a big part of it to the books I have read. Apart from building my imagination, vocabulary and knowledge, reading has helped me form my own perceptions about a lot of things. It has made me think and has taught me a lot of profound lessons for life.

When I write, I feel I’m giving others a part of myself, a little of what I have gained from books. It feels like I’m, in a way, completing the circle. Books gave me so much, even to help me grow as a person. And now, I’m writing out part of what I have gained, giving back to the world what I can…in a way, trying to return the happiness I got…trying to help others experience what I did. I don’t expect this to make sense to everyone out there. But I’m content, knowing that there are a handful of them who can understand what I’m talking about. 🙂 Bookworms ROCK!!! 😛 😛

That's me!! 🙂


P.S : I’m going to be away for a short while. We (my classmates and I) are going on a class tour (part of the final year routine). And I won’t be able to post anything during the next few days. But you bet I will be back, soon… 🙂  With a lot to babble about!!! Till then, miss me! 🙂

19 thoughts on “Confessions of a Crazy Bookworm! :)

  1. Love it! I am exactly the same in a bookstore as you describe! Being a bookworm is a great thing – at the school where I work, I often walk around the staffroom with a Great Gatsby mug in hand, that in itself has started many the great conversation about books with co-workers.

  2. Wow!!! Great to know there are others like me !!! Last day, I was at a bookstore (again!!!!) and I couldn’t pull myself out of there!!! 🙂

  3. Same here…My husband thinks v need to buy another house just to accommodate my’s very difficult to drag me out of a bookstore specially if there’s a sale going on..I am also a total bookworm n proud of it…Bookworms Rock !!!

    • LOL! Another house for your books. That’s kinda like what I want in the future! 🙂 And yes, bookworms rock, big time!! 😛

  4. I felt like I was reading my own words…this is exactly how I behave when at a book store and even somewhere near it. I am bad at shopping when it comes to clothes and shoes and all that stuff but amongst my friends and all the people am around, no one can beat me in the ‘art of buying books’ …I love those moments with books all around me 🙂

  5. I feel you here! I am a confessed bookworm myself. Nice to meet someone who feels “crazy” around books, too 🙂

  6. I can totally relate to this!
    My ‘little’ hostel room is full of books. Textbooks in a corner; other literature, everywhere.
    There are books on my side table, study table, shelves, floor, balcony, every-effing-where!

  7. Imagine a bookworm having six children who are all bookworms. We have bookshelves in nearly every room. I’ve always told my kids all you need to know learn anything and everything you need to learn in life is READ. Any subject is yours to conquer if you can read.

    • I believe in the same! It’s good to see so many people still rooting for the good old habit of reading inspite of the popularity of TV & Internet. It must be fun having so many bookworms under one roof! The first picture I got in my mind is that of a house overflowing with books. 🙂

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