Dreams Come True…

HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY, everyone! Hope you had a great day!! Last Friday, in class, a guy I know came to me and asked me to help him. He said he wanted me to write a poem which he wanted to give to a girl he likes, on Valentine’s Day. He had an idea in mind and wanted me to develop it into a complete poem. To be frank, I was touched. He is a really easy-going guy…so much like a kid…naive, adorable, one of the sweetest guys in my class. Something so expressive as an idea for a poem was completely unexpected of him! Especially since the girl in question isn’t someone he is seriously into. I wrote the poem, anyway, based on the outline he gave me. He was delighted with it! I could see the joy in his face. He said he really liked it. After this incident, even I wished someone would write me a poem, or atleast a simple letter or something. I have never dated a guy who was into writing or spontaneous surprises. So, I guess I have always missed getting something of that sort. And this V-Day has proved to be nothing different. It’s been a boring day, until now, atleast.

Anyway, there’s something I have wanted to write about for the past few days. In school, one of my teachers used to tell me about this ‘technique’/way of making some dreams come true. It was a really simple, easy thing…and if it could assure my dream’s realization, then why not give it a try? So, I tried it. It’s something that has to be kind of woven into your routine. I continued doing it for almost 3-4 months…until it came true! Yes, my dream did come true. After that, I used this ‘technique’ 3 more times, to fulfill some seemingly impossible dreams. And guess what? They have all happened! 🙂 It might seem too good to be true. But, I’m serious. If it worked for me, it can work for you, too. So, I thought I’d reveal the secret here.

You will need a notebook and a pen. All you have to do is: Fix a particular time, preferably a time when you will be free, everyday. At this decided time, each day, write out your dream around 10 or 15 times. I usually go for 10. It is important to do this at the exact same time everyday. When you write, be as specific as possible. If there’s a deadline involved, mention it. Like, for instance, it could be something like this: ‘I want to successfully complete my novel within one month/before 1st March’. It can be anything, literally, anything you want to happen. OK, maybe not something too crazy or impossible…like turning your house upside down (in the literal sense, that is; but who would want that, anyway?).

Important ==> When you write, try to concentrate on it, see it in your mind and put your heart into it. Those 5 minutes of genuine effort, each day, can work miracles in your life. Sincerely believe that it will happen; be positive. If you write something and believe something else, there is no congruity between your actions and thoughts. So, you can’t blame me if this doesn’t work! 🙂

Since it has been effective for me (more than once!), I felt I should share it with others. When I want something to happen and it seems kinda improbable, or when there’s nothing I can do to make it happen, I try this. Do try it out, maybe as an experiment, just to test if it works for you. I truly hope it does. Hope your dreams come true! Whether they do happen or not, please let me know! I’d love to hear from you.

DISCLAIMER: The method was told to me by a teacher. I don’t know how he got to know about it. It could have been from a book, a movie, another person or any other medium. I do not claim this to be my idea or the teacher’s. Also, I cannot be held responsible if it doesn’t work/if something unfavourable happens.


7 thoughts on “Dreams Come True…

  1. Just popped over here from wontoncreation to learn more about the person who nominated him for the Kreativ Blogger & Versatile Blogger Awards and I am impressed! I love the look of your blog.

    Our Valentine’s Day is just beginning! The story about the boy who wanted you to write a poem for him is very sweet! The positive thinking approach to achieving your goals sounds like a good one. I might give it a whirl! I am really glad I dropped by! 🙂

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