It’s amusing how I seem to be able to get so many ideas to write about when I’m feeling down. And when I’m happy, I’m too ecstatic to think of anything to write about. It’s no different this time. Don’t ask me why I’m feeling low. Because I can’t put a finger on it, myself! I know that sounds weird but, well, that’s the truth! 🙂 But making most of this down-time, I’ve been getting a lot of thoughts that I want to blog about. And I also heard of this hilarious experience that a friend had recently. When I heard it, I knew, right away, that I wanted to write about it. So, I guess that means an awesome lot for you to read, coming soon.:D

I’ve been kinda quiet, lately. I don’t blabber too much in class and spend most of the day doing what I want, silently. Unlike before, when I used to go around saying crazy nonsense to others and just chattering like an insane idiot! A classmate remarked about my sudden change and he thinks I’ve become better because I stopped the blabbering and the nonsense. OK, so wasn’t I good all this while? How can I be labeled good/better, all of a sudden, just because I became quiet? I mean, what exactly is the connection between being quiet and being good? Well, this thought process may not apply to everyone out there. But over here, I’ve noticed that this is the general idea – that all those quiet, gentle, ones are good and all those hyper, crazy ones are not-so-good. I have no clue about how this misconception came about but it’s been there from the time I remember. And I’ve always been puzzled by the logic behind this reasoning. Well, not like it matters much to me. I’m not here to please anyone or pretend to be goody-two-shoes! It amuses me to know people make such weird connections, though.

Well, I’m looking forward to putting into words all that’s running through my mind. And I’m seriously super-happy to know there are some sweet souls out there who consider their day (almost) incomplete without reading my blog post. Thank you so much, all of you…especially my awesome friends out there! 🙂 You make my day!


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