Pen It Down

I read this article yesterday which made me think – With iPad and Notebook around, who needs a pen anymore? Sometimes, you find certain things that seem to belong in your hand, things that feel so right and fit so perfectly in your hand. I have found that kind of bond with pens. I love the feel of a pen in my hand. Even though I may not notice it, holding a pen reminds me that there was an emptiness there which seemed to be filled in by the pen. It’s like I have found this thing that is somehow a part of me, part of who I am. It feels so right, so good having a pen in my hand. And the joy I feel when it runs over paper, smooth and spontaneous, words flowing out so easily…simply out of this world! I can’t seem to feel complete without it. I suppose it’s something only another writer will be able to understand. A bond with words and thoughts, that can be sensed by someone who has experienced it.

It’s something that’s becoming extinct slowly… Who has the time to actually sit down and write anymore? When I meet others who understand what I’m talking about, it’s like meeting some long-lost friend, someone who can connect to me even if he/she might be a stranger. In some ways, it feels like we are part of this secret sect which is slowly fading off from existence. 🙂 So, how many of you think you could be part of this secret, endangered sect?


Some 100 years from now, you might find these on display at museums labeled as 'Ancient device used for writing'!!






4 thoughts on “Pen It Down

  1. Well, i love pen!! When i was young, i used to dream of writing with a pen!! 😀 As in then we had to write with pencil.. I love writing on and on sumtimes.. Senseless or sensible or watevr.. Just keep on writing!!

    • I totally understand! Even I could go on writing, scribbling or just plain doodling as long as I have a pen in my hand! That would be another path to happiness for me.

  2. I’ve tried calligraphy and when I take the time can use the pen quite effectively. If I’m in a hurry, it all looks like chicken scratches, but I love getting a handwritten note in the mail. I have a friend who would fit right in with your ‘secret society’. She loves to surprise people with handwritten notes on special notepaper and actually MAILING them to people! As I get older, I find the act of handwriting is getting more difficult and need fat pens that I can get a good grip on without getting a cramp. I also have a collection of old pens that belonged to my grandfather. I think they are a thing of beauty. 🙂

    • Pens always kinda excite me! And talking about mails, it’s been ages since I got a proper letter from someone (apart from the notes I get in class, that is)! ‘Pen pals’ is one concept that seems to have disappeared completely!

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