A Dose of Random Nonsense

This year is going to be phenomenal. Everyone’s been asking me what I’ll be doing next (after college) and I keep giving the same vague reply of job, work, blah blah. To be honest, I don’t know how things will turn out to be. Even though I’m looking forward to this new phase, it does get a little scary, at times. When I think of where I will be, some 5 months from now, all I come up with is a hazy picture with no clear idea! Mom keeps bugging me with questions of what I’m planning to do, she doesn’t seem to be placated by my vague response about work and stuff. Typical of moms, I guess. I’m so glad Dad is giving me the space and freedom I need right now. He is fine with whatever decision I take, as long as I’m sure about it. And I love him for that. I adore him for giving me the liberty to choose what I want to do, for acknowledging that I’m capable enough to decide what I want in life. 🙂 Sometimes, that is all you need…your dear ones to trust you with your decisions and life. Though, I don’t know how Dad will react to the decision of colouring my hair in some crazy shades. 🙂

Last day, I was talking to Merlin about all the many things we don’t know about – the universe, its workings, natural phenomena, origins, history, … (well, you get the idea!). I have been studying for the past 17 years and I still have such a GREAT lot to learn. There’s so much I don’t know. Doesn’t it kinda amaze you and leave you in awe? I feel that way every time I think about what I don’t know. When I consider the unknown, what I know pales in comparison! I was always into knowing more; learning, rather than studying. And over these years, I’ve noticed that even though I may have forgotten all that I studied at school and college, I still remember all the odd facts that I’ve accumulated in my head. In fact, I’m still picking up such odd bits of information, every now and then. 🙂 Kinda makes you wonder why you bothered studying at all!!

It’s been a boring, lazy day. I did nothing except read some blogs, talk a little…and then write this post (which I think is absolute nonsense, because it doesn’t make sense to me!). This is what happens when I’m going through a dull day, feeling dead and bored! 🙂 Hope you are having a better time out there!

7 thoughts on “A Dose of Random Nonsense

  1. My grandmother always said, ‘you should learn something new every day.’ Learning is an on-going process. You should never stop learning, for that will be when you start losing your memories. In school, a lot of time they just teach you generalities, a little bit here, a little bit there. That’s what I’ve found. While researching my latest novel, there is so much more to be learned than the brief history the schools taught us. Despite Louis Riel being a famous historical figure, we only touched on his motivations and achievements. The books I am reading about him delve much more into what he was thinking and the circumstances that led him to start a revolution against our government. I’m learning a lot – and I graduated university 35 years ago!

    • Even I have noticed that when you go deeper into something, you realize how little you had learnt from school or through other sources. 🙂 And I loved what your grandmother said, about learning something new every day. So true!

  2. I read somewhere (Don’t remember where!) that a guy he stuck a paper full of new words and stuff like that near his mirror so that he can learn a new thing each day while brushing his teeth… I am planning to do something like that soon… Hope I Can! 😉

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