My model exams got over today! Even though I haven’t been studying anything, it’s still a relief to know exams are over. The finals will be starting on April 2. And I happened to tell my roommate that I will study (like, actually, STUDY) for the upcoming exams. Since my first year in college, I must have written nearly 6 model exams (for 5-6 subjects each time) and 5 final exams (last one coming up in April). I haven’t prepared properly for a single exam! And I wasn’t tensed at all! Don’t ask me why. Only answer I can come up with is that it probably didn’t matter much to me. 🙂 Seriously, it doesn’t. I write bullshit for all the exams. I’m sure the examiner won’t bother to actually read through the looong answers of all those thousands of students from all over the state. So, I entertain myself with the nonsense I can come up with for my answers. And always end up getting somewhere between a good or an average B grade. 🙂 More than enough for me.

But this time around, I was just thinking about the fact that, after the final exam, I won’t be having proper exams like this for quite a while (since I’ll be working). I remember how I used to work hard during my school years, especially in 12th Std. I had put in my maximum, maybe a tiny bit less. Anyway, I had worked, truly studied for my exams back then. It’s been over 3 years since I did anything even near to that. And I realized that I kinda miss it…not much, just a little. This will be the last exam for which I will be able to study…like, study. So, thought I’d give it a try. 🙂 I might change my mind later, you never know. Although, I doubt that will happen. 😀

By the way… Attention! Attention! I’m going to be away for the next one week. There’s this girls-day-out planned for tomorrow. I’ll be going home the next day; have to meet my sister (after a long 3 months, in spite of the fact that she is just around 4 hours away!!). Then, I’ll be coming back, going to a friend’s place and then, on 28th…I’m going to meet Kiran!!! 🙂 It’s her elder sister’s marriage on 29th. So, I’ll be with Kiran for a couple of days and get back by 30th. That’s the plan for now, atleast. Even as I say it, it all sounds so hectic to me, and I know I will be dead tired by the time I get back. But none of that matters. I’m looking forward to all of it… 🙂

I’m really excited, without harbouring any high expectations, because I just want to make most of the experience I’ll be having. I don’t  want to expect something and then rate the experience on the basis of my hopes. So, let’s see how it goes. I know I’ll have fun and love it… 🙂 Of course, I’ll miss this space a lot… I don’t know how I’ll go through so long without blogging. Anyway, do miss me. Once I get back, I will fill you in on all the details about how the week went…and probably, a lot more! 🙂 So, until I get back, TADAAAAA!!!

Going, Going...Gone!!!

7 thoughts on “To-Be-Disappeared

    • Thank you so much! 🙂 I was already so happy about being able to get back to blogging. You just made my day!! 🙂

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