Friends Who Care – a Rare Species :)

While it feels great being back at home, my writing has taken a backseat since I got here. It’s been ages since I wrote my diary; actually, it’s been long since I wrote anything at all… I know I should get to it, but I get caught up with other activities and hardly find the peace I need to sit and write.

On the day before I had to leave, I was text-messaging some friends from college. And…well, I got to learn a lot of things that I never knew about them. I realized that I have gained some friends in life who might not be very close to me, who might not be my BFFs but who still love me and consider me a good friend of theirs. I was touched! One among them is Martin. We have always been good friends, even though not on the personal level. I enjoy being with him and will always cherish our silly fights. He was one of the first persons to read my blog and follow it! Whenever he felt I was kinda low, he used to come ask me what the matter was. He is one friend I will miss, now that college is over! 😦

I also happened to have some intriguing experiences with certain individuals on that day… I don’t think I can explain all that, though. Anyway, next morning, I had to leave from home by around 5am. Sometime around then, while in the car, I was surprised to find messages pouring in from some friends, asking me whether I had left from home, when the flight was, so on. I mean, they had actually woken up early (for some reason or the other) and cared to ask me where I was. I can’t say the same for some of my friends who were supposedly part of ‘my gang’. Anyway, this incident kinda opened my eyes to who among my friends actually cared about me and who didn’t. Not that I needed a confirmation about who didn’t. But the other category – those who did care – included a couple (or more) of unexpected people. That, again, was touching. 

So, moral of the story? Look around you. You might be too into a certain friend circle/gang or a particular friend, and might be overlooking someone who truly cares about you. Don’t lose a true friend, especially not for someone who doesn’t care half much as that person does! Sometimes, it takes time for us to realize how much we mean to someone…but don’t let it be too late! 🙂


8 thoughts on “Friends Who Care – a Rare Species :)

  1. Wise words! I know exactly what you mean, I have several circles of friends, from high school, 2 different university degrees, 2 different jobs, and then just some randoms I met goodness knows where, not to mention other places too. But I am often surprised by some of the people who do care when I realise they do, in a good way of course! 😀

  2. rosh ….. i m a rare specie….! i kno that…..u shud exagerate more abt me rosh…itz too less….
    lol jus kiddin…!
    i hope lyfs a blast there….! miss u as well…!

    • I think I’ve already exaggerated too much! I can’t do so much injustice to my readers, Martin! Miss you, man! 🙂

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