The Journey So Far…

Sometime in July 2008, I typed out my first blog post. Kiran had suggested I should try blogging since (she thinks) I write well (she’s too lazy to write, even though she writes too) and I have thoughts to blog about. She is more into talking it out loud. I didn’t take it seriously then. But later, when I was bored and had nothing to do, I thought of giving it a chance. What would I lose, anyway? And, that’s how Roshrulez was born. All I had in mind at that point was a space where I get to write out my stupid thoughts. I never expected people to read it, I was happy with the idea of it being out there, no matter whether others read it or not. 🙂 After my second or third post, I was kinda bored with it and got other stuff to focus on.

And then, after a few months, I came back to it. Probably because I didn’t want my blog to get hurt and feel neglected. 😛 So, I posted something else. And after a couple of days, I got busy with other stuff (again!). Then, I came back to it after another few months. Sometime in December, 2008, there was an incident that moved me so much; so much that I wanted to talk about it and felt blogging would be the best way to do it. And that’s what I did. It felt so good…there had been a lot on my mind and writing it out helped me feel so much better.

Again, I was busy with life…especially once I joined college. During one vacation, when I was at home (RAK), I was plagued by so many profound thoughts and had to write it out. And after almost over a year or so, I posted something, just to shut up that voice in my head. 🙂 Yet again, I forgot about my blog within a couple of days.

Sometime during October of last year, Kiran and a couple other friends asked me why I wasn’t doing anything on my blog. I had no valid excuse. And one day, while in the lab, jobless and bored, I thought I would post something. It had been so long…and Kiran’s admonitions have a way of bothering me to the point of doing something about it. That’s how I wrote the post in November, after almost a year and a half.  And like I have mentioned in an earlier post, I found a very deep, inexplicable happiness after I hit Publish for that post. Something like a rush… and I instantly knew this was something I’d love doing again. Since then, there’s been no question of looking back. Initially, I had my doubts…I thought I’d lose interest and abandon it halfway through. But it’s been over 5 months since then…and there’s been no change in my enthusiasm to blog. If anything, I’d say I’ve become more into it…seriously addicted to blogging. You will know what I mean, if you’ve noticed how I’ve tried to post daily or atleast on a regular basis (when I can’t post daily). And guess what? I’m typing out my 100th post right now (that’s what you’re reading)!

Tadaaaa!!! 🙂

Yes! When I created this blog, I had absolutely no hopes or dreams for it. But now, at my 100th post, I’m drawn to it in a way words could hardly explain. I want to write about a lot of stuff, voice my crazy & sane thoughts, connect to like-minded people across the globe, witness as this small space of words & thoughts grows into something far beyond anything I’ve ever dreamed of…and yes, I’d like to be Freshly Pressed someday. Who doesn’t!! 🙂

So…that’s the story so far. It’s been a wonderful journey. I’ve been through the usual spat of dull days when I had nothing to talk about and ended up posting a lot of bullshit; some lazy days when I just wanted to jump onto my bed and sleep off; a lot of awesome days when I had so many thoughts to blog about; days when I was so moved by some incidents that I had to blog about it to get it out of my head…

I’ve met so many fellow bloggers & friends who think like me, who find my posts good enough to come back here often, who have supported, encouraged and stuck with me while I rambled on about whatever came into my mind. Experiences like coming across LiveLearnMature, Tassem and so many other blog mates are unique, so dear to me because I know I couldn’t have found them anywhere else. In fact, I had never expected anything of that sort over here! Blogging has given me a lot…it has grown to mean a lot to me.  Apart from the fact that it has enhanced my writing skills and confidence in my talent, it has given me such a lot of insights into myself, made me think like hell, gifted me new friends and a new source of happiness. 🙂

To all the readers, fellow bloggers, followers and awesome people out there – Thank you for bringing me so far…to this milestone in my blogging life, my 100th post. Love you all! Thank you so much for your love and support! 🙂 Keep them pouring in. Because I don’t intend to stop anytime soon!! 😀

13 thoughts on “The Journey So Far…

  1. Congrats! Well done, that is a big milestone! And I know exactly how you feel – I am surprised with how addicted I have become to blogging, and how many amazing people I have met through blogging. It’s a great feeling. I am definitely going to be blogging looooong into the future. And I should hope you will be too! 😀

  2. Wow rosh…congrats on hittin d century :d *hugs*
    Time to celebrate ur 100th post *dance* keep blogging, I love to read whtever bullshit u post. Luv u babes

    • Thank you so much, SAMBA! 🙂 :-* When it comes to posting bullshit, you’re my all-time inspiration!! 😛

  3. Wow! 100 posts! Congratulations! I love that you’ve made blogging an important part of your life. It has been an interesting journey. Since I started blogging, I can’t believe how many wonderful blogs I’ve come across and fantastic people who have presented me with so many new ideas, tips on writing and great books I should be reading. It’s been a rush! And you’re a part of it, too! 🙂

    • So glad to know I’ve been part of your awesome journey in the blogging world, too! 🙂 And I feel the same about you, too. Your comments, suggestions and appreciation mean so much to me! 🙂

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