Finding My Voice…

[Written yesterday afternoon] 

Sometimes, you get silenced by the voices around you. And when you find so many voices around you, drowning out yours, you feel kind of lost. I went through an experience of that sort. Maybe it’s the novelty of the situation or the so many new people around me. And yes, another reason could be that I’m still trying to get comfortable and settled with the people and surroundings.

Todayafternoon (that is, yesterday), I went through something like this. While I sat at one end of the table, having lunch, I observed my colleagues around me. I listened to their conversation, flowing easily, exuding the comfort that comes with friendship. My head was so filled with those voices and thoughts…to such an extent that I realized it was drowning out mine. At that moment, I felt lost…in a lot of ways.

I couldn’t find my voice, I couldn’t make sense of my thoughts…and I found myself trying hard to find words, find my voice. I’ve come across some intriguing people, who muddle up my thoughts when I try to figure them out. To be frank, it’s the first time I’m experiencing something like this. I’m amused, but also disturbed. Amused because I like trying to figure out these people. Disturbed because it’s a horrible feelings hen you lose your voice. I feel restless, scared, intimidated, suffocated and, yes…utterly, helplessly LOST!


13 thoughts on “Finding My Voice…

  1. Generally it takes time to realise the value of both- of the voices of people around you and often how pompous and pretentious it is. The value of one’s silence is always the last to be noticed!Nothing to worry dear. As long as you are thinking and also thinking aloud, everything shud go very fine!

  2. Try focusing on one person you feel you can communicate with, for starters. As confidence and familiarity builds you should soon find yourself part of the group.

  3. Sometimes, just listening can provide such insight into other people’s thoughts (or lack of them!). Don’t fret if they seem to be drowning out your words. You will find your voice, eventually, once you are more comfortable with your co-workers. There may be some that you’ll never feel completely comfortable with, but there will be others who will become good friends and they will appreciate your listening skills. 🙂

    • I’m amazed by the awesome comments I’ve got on this post. I loved what you said about how I might never be comfortable with some but will find good friends who appreciate my listening skills. 🙂 And I guess it’s true.

  4. This happens to me a lot! I mean I don’t have trouble conversing or socializing with people, but at times, it seems as if my voice loses its way among the other voices. To cope with situations as such, I usually embrace silence in that instance. It’s good to have some time and just think about stuff. Another thing is to never lose confidence; it’s important for you to believe what you say, and only then, others will pay attention.

    And, you know how the saying goes, “A minute of thought is more important that an hour of talk.” 🙂

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