And I would run away…

Have you ever felt the need to just run away? Run away from the place you’re in right now, the situation… Actually, not run away from anything. Just run away. Take a break, a deep breath, just not let anyone know…go away to some random place. You get the idea (don’t you?)! So, have you ever felt an urge to do it? It’s been on my mind for the past couple of days. No, nothing bad happening. Just that I’m not very happy with some situations and am kinda fed up. The thought of running away to some far-off place with nobody bothering me, nothing to worry about is extremely tempting.

To be honest, I’ve always been fascinated by the idea of running away. When I have nothing else to think about, I sit and think up possible plans for survival if (and when) I run away. My family’s never given me a reason to do it yet (luckily!). So, I decided that a reason wasn’t necessary. Today morning, I was seriously considering the idea. And that led me to think why I want to do it, in the first place. Well, you know what? I think it must be the sheer sense of freedom that it gives me. The knowledge that I can just let go of everything and go off somewhere, that I can just disappear one day. Knowing that I can be completely free.

Wondering why it’s necessary to run away to be completely free? Because, right now, I can’t really do what I want. Not always. I might have to keep my mouth shut so that I don’t lose my job, I might have to hold back something so that I don’t hurt some people… Doing what I want isn’t as easy as it sounds. So, loving the idea of running away should come as no surprise! I might not take off today, probably not tomorrow or the day after…but, hopefully, soon (Am I glad my parents aren’t reading this!).

21 thoughts on “And I would run away…

  1. u r funny and kind of weird too..its shud not b as we want it to b..otherwise thers no fun..the fun only cums wen we live our lives and try to make it as v wish..

  2. I have felt exactly what you describe. You are not alone! With our without reason, I sometimes feel like I simply want to be somewhere else. For a moment just let go of the chains that keep me rooted wherever I am fly away somewhere where nobody knows me. Hey maybe we would even run into each other over there ;)!

    • I can’t tell you how happy I’m that I found atleast one person who has felt the same way! It’s so true, sometimes I feel like I want to be somewhere else! I totally relate to everything you have said! Maybe we should make plans to run away together. 😉

  3. well..its jst bcz u cnt stand a routine lyf….as far as i knw whn u realise that this is ur routine n this is how its gona b u start gettin fed up. no prob rosh whn its tym for ur annual leave v ll go sumwhere…to sum new place, wil have fun k? till then pls stick to ur routine n save 🙂 miss u

    • Awesome plan, Samba! 😛 Maybe it is the routine and everything getting to my head. But don’t you think it would be fun to just run away one morning? 🙂

  4. I have had moments when an escape sounded like a great idea. When I was 16, I seriously considered running away. I even went looking for a furnished apartment. I looked at my bank account and realized it was impractical to move out. I didn’t want to end up ‘on the street’, so I stayed at home and put up with the crap I thought I was getting from my mom – the usual teenage angst kind of stuff. As a mom myself now, I realize I didn’t have it all that bad. My ‘escape’ came when I went away to school and could finally live my life without Mom’s disapproval at every turn.

    There was one other time, a very uncomfortable situation occurred at work with a co-worker who broke my trust. He ended up getting caught cheating at a job he was supposed to do, using information he got from me before I realized what he was doing. He nearly lost his job and the tension between us was so thick I was really glad a different job opened up so I could ‘escape’. It turned out to be a much better job, more along my field of study, and I was so grateful to have had that opportunity.

    Those stories probably don’t help you much except to let you know we all feel the need to run away at some time or another. I hope the stresses in your life will ease and your flight reflex will dim so you can enjoy your life. 🙂

    • Thank you so much for sharing your experiences. Even though the current ‘flight reflex’ was due to circumstances, I get the thought every now and then… I just feel like going off somewhere else.

  5. Interesting thoughts and such wishes to run away from it all do come. Hope you don’t mind penning my views on running away – when we run then what? 🙂

    So maybe we fix our destination and then go. It is best to just be in the moment then wherever we are we are happy to be there.

    Kind regards.

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