Strangers Breed Homesickness

Most of my friends were really happy after reading the previous post. Maybe I should write more of those – happy, chirpy posts.

Just now, while chatting with Ann, she asked me why I wasn’t posting anything. I told her I didn’t know what to write and I didn’t want to post nonsense. She, being far cleverer than me, pointed out that our mind is never devoid of thoughts, that all I had to do was pick one, write about it. And then, it struck me – she is right! There are such a lot of thoughts in my head. Now, when I sat down to blog, all the thoughts came rushing into my mind. And I don’t know what to write about.

Ann was telling me about how I used to post everyday, once upon a time…and how she used to love it. Well, I miss those times, too. Those were times when I used to stay back at the college lab until 8pm just so that I could blog in peace. Times when I couldn’t go a single day without blogging (which was kinda bad on you readers, since you had to read all the bullshit I came up with).

I think I’ve gone down a notch in terms of confidence, because you need a hell lot of confidence to write shit and publish it for the whole world to see. And now, when I think of doing that, I hear this voice in my head pulling me back, telling me I should not do anything that could make my readers hate me. You know what? I’m done listening to the stupid voice. Because, more than pleasing readers, I’m here to write, find happiness in it and just be myself. So, I took a decision. I’m not going to try too hard to please anyone, I’m just going to write/blog and be happy. Makes sense, right?  🙂

There are times when I miss college very badly. More than the place, I miss the experience of having familiar faces all around. I knew people, they knew me. There’s a certain sense of comfort when you’re surrounded by people you know, finding some familiar faces everywhere. Like there’s always someone or the other you can go to, you are not alone (unless you want to be). That’s something I miss about college.

Over here, I see so many strangers while walking to and from work. I meet so many strangers at work. Strangers I’m getting closer to. But strangers, nonetheless. And it gets really distressing, sometimes. You don’t know if you can open up, trust or be yourself with someone. After a certain point, you get tired of being careful, and wish you could let your guard down. You long to see a face you know, a face that would beam with recognition on seeing you. I’m going through that phase right now. The initial excitement of being at a new place, meeting new people and all that has subsided (begun to, actually), giving way to the homesickness that I had been ignoring all this while.

I miss people, being around people I know. I miss my family. I miss places, knowing where to go, seeing familiar places & spots. I know it will pass. Until then, I just have to deal with it. 🙂

Have you ever experienced anything of this sort? If yes, how did you get over it? 

10 thoughts on “Strangers Breed Homesickness

    • I know you enjoy my posts, but it’s always awesome when you’re reminded of it. 🙂 Thank you so much, Neeraj. And, since you’ve asked for it, there’s a lot of nonsense in store for you. Coming up soon! Don’t tell me I didn’t warn you!

  1. I remember once opting to go to a street festival in my home town which I’d been absent from for several years rather than go to my newish boyfriend’s birthday party…. sounds harsh but at that time I needed that crew of familiar faces saying Hey YOU!!!! (like in Cheers!) way more than mingling with his friends and making polite conversation. It was the last time I had that opportunity and I cherish the memories of that night with my old friends. I hope you find quality in new friendship soon. Blog on!!

    • It’s great to know you have been through the same emotional situation, felt the same thing as me! And now, I’m better able to understand why you’d have wanted to see familiar faces rather than spending time with your boyfriend (and his friends). Glad you could relate to my thoughts.

  2. Loved this post! 🙂 I guess, I may have suffered a bit of homesickness once. And it was such a relief to be inside the house and to see mom’s and dad’s face! Bliss!

  3. It’s always tough being in a strange situation where everything and everyone seems so foreign – alien, almost.

    When I went away to college, I literally knew no one. There was one girl there who I had been through high school with, but she’d never been a really close friend, so she was still, essentially, a stranger. Once I settled into the routine of going to classes and spending time with my roommates, they were no longer strangers. They became friends who knew me just as well as friends I’d known since elementary school. Now that I’m home and away from them, I miss them as much as I missed my family and friends when I was at college.

    Time will make friends of strangers, if you only give them a chance. Stick with it, Sweetie. You’ll be fine. 🙂

    • I have been through the exact same situation you mentioned, back in college. And that’s something my best friend pointed out, too. I know I’ll eventually find good friends in these strangers. Just that I feel low at times, like when I wrote this post. Anyway, things are starting to get better. 🙂

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