Very Very Inspiring

The past couple of days (and even today) have been a rollercoaster of emotions. But, first things first!

Anarya (that’s what I call her, atleast) nominated me for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award. 🙂 And, I’m truly honoured. I don’t know if ‘inspiring’ is a word that can be attributed to my blog. But then, that should be decided by the readers, I believe. And if Anarya thinks I’m good enough to be nominated for this award, then all I can say is “Thank you, Anarya, thanks a LOT!” I love her blog and think she deserves the award. I don’t remember how I got to her blog, which post I read first or, basically, how it all began. But, I love her blog. It’s inspiring and interesting. Do check it out! I’m sure you will enjoy her awesome thoughts and beautiful photographs.

As part of the award rules, I have to share 7 facts about myself.

1. I just had an awesome end to a very normal kinda day. [not good enough for a ‘fact’, I suppose?]

2. I don’t like darkness, I feel suffocated when I’m in complete darkness.

3. I have never had a role model or anyone whom I’d like to idolize in life. If at all I had to choose someone, I’d probably end up choosing myself!

4. I love the sound of my fingers clicking away on the keyboard. LOVE IT!

5. I’ve rediscovered my fascination for the rain. It’s an incredible experience.

6. I’m scared I will disappoint myself, under-perform and not live upto my expectations ultimately.

7. I’m super-stubborn and I love that! 🙂

And now, I’m supposed to pass on this gesture of appreciation by nominating 15 other bloggers. I don’t think I can come up with 15! So, I’ll just pick out some blogs that inspire me. Ahhh…here goes.




Darkness, Light & other Unavoidable Evils

Words & Pictures 

hasty words

emotional salad

My Elegantly Cluttered Chamber

Yeah, That Crazy Blog… It’s Here!

Personal Concerns 

Tadaaa…I’m done.

So, I mentioned that the past two days were filled with emotional ups and downs. But I didn’t tell you how my mind was getting flooded by a hell lot of thoughts, did I? Well, the journey during the weekend, the experiences, the people in my life…everything has given me enough and more to contemplate on. So, I guess you are going to have some great posts coming up here. 🙂


10 thoughts on “Very Very Inspiring

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  2. Roshni, you are too nice! Congratulations on getting the award, your blog certainly inspires me! And thanks for passing it on! 🙂

  3. I love your number 5! I am deeply fascinated by rain as well. I love listening to the sound of rain on my window and running or playing around in rain. It’s such a marvelous experience. 🙂

    Also, congratulations! 😀

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