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It was Onam yesterday, and I got two days off from work. Since I’m away from home, it was mostly like any other day, nothing special. When I spoke to dad, he asked

English: Pookalam during Onam days in Irinjala...

me what was happening for Onam and I had nothing to tell him. Because there’s nothing happening over here. And that made me think. All these religious or cultural festivals mean nothing to me. I get a holiday, which is great. And…well, that’s it. I haven’t felt an attachment to any of them that would make it special for me. And why? Because it was always the presence of my family that made any day significant for me.

Christmas is my favourite festival and time of the year. Now, when I try to understand why, I don’t have an answer. I’m not religious, I don’t attach any significance to the beliefs or practices behind Christmas. But it is special, nevertheless. Very much so. Because it was always special for my family. They made it different for me. Their enthusiasm, interest and spirited approach to the festival is my most vivid memory connected to it. Which is probably why it has always been so exceptional for me.

Over here, so far away from my family, all these special days have lost their charm, for me. They don’t mean anything to me, except a lot of dear memories. There are so many other aspects or elements in life that have significance for you only (or mostly) because of what it means to your loved ones.

Tuesday was an awesome day! For the first time ever, I went clothes-shopping by myself. I’m not a fan of shopping. I don’t enjoy shopping, especially by myself, and especially for clothes (none of this is applicable when it comes to books). It was an impulsive decision. And I thoroughly enjoyed it. When I got back, there was nobody at home. I can’t tell you how super-happy I was. I got some quality time for myself, after so long. I didn’t know how much I had missed spending time by myself, with absolutely no one around. I used to get enough and more of it, while at home. But over here, getting some time all for yourself is like a treasure. So, I made most of the two hours or so I had. I shouted (shouting has a liberating effect, for me), sang out loud, danced around, talked to myself, spent sometime looking outside, sipping coffee… And, had 2 delightful hours by myself. 2 hours that gave me an enlightening thought – I’m at a most beautiful point in life, a phase that I had longed for. And I’m truly enjoying it. The past 2 days have proved, with all the more emphasis, that life does give you what you want/ask for.

6 thoughts on “This and That… – Basically, Thoughts

  1. Well, this onam was nothing special to me too. Because you and chiks were not there. All the last occasions, I had you people to talk and have fun. But this time was a total bore. I miss you two stupids! 🙂

  2. hey belated happy onam…
    gr8 tht u got some time alone…n yeah thats the most imp thing, u need to keep reminding urself that u always wanted this, experiencing life on your own, so u have to make the most of it. dont waste it
    make some weekend plans to another area with room mates or wid chikku…i hv been waiting to hear from you of such a trip but ur not going so i had to tell
    enjoy babes…luv u

    • The reason I’m putting away weekend plans is because I get only one day off. I’m torn between spending the day at home and going out somewhere. Hopefully, in some time, I’m sure you will get to read something like that.

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  4. Holidays always mean more when celebrated with family and friends. 🙂

    Glad you had the chance to have some alone-time. It’s important for the soul to have time when you can just do what you want to do without worrying what anyone thinks or without having an audience. 🙂

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