Being A Victim of Carnal Imprisonment

[Written yesterday]

The day was good. I took the first step towards a new plan, work is going great, I’m considerably happy and, my blogging is getting back on track. I admit I’m getting busier at work, which has its positives and negatives. I have lots to be occupied with, enough and more to do…but that also means I get very less time to relax, I can get easily stressed out. Which is why I’m thinking of new plans to add some life to my day.

The bit for today comes from the stress I’ve been feeling at work. Post-lunch hour, I feel very lazy and find it difficult to feel as enthusiastic as I do during the earlier hours. Anyway, past two or three days were exceptionally tiring. More than just tiring, I get this dull headache and want to go home so badly. Yesterday, it was worse. During the past three days, I have been feeling suffocated, kind of stifled (finally, found the right word).

So, a couple of days ago, I was experiencing this suffocated/stifled sensation and I stepped out onto the mini-balcony area for a while. I felt so much better, feeling the wind on my skin, being surrounded by so much space…and all of a sudden, I felt restricted by my body. Because, at that moment, I wanted to go out, run, fly…and I felt like my body was holding me back, chaining me! Then came a thought that surprised me…the voice in my head talking to myself – “I want to break free, get out of my body.” It was a very new thought – amusing and also shocking, in some ways. That day, I distinctly felt like someone who was imprisoned in her own body, like I literally wanted to get out of my body and give some life to my soul.

The concept of ‘soul’ has always been kinda…beyond understanding, reasoning and explanation. Yet, sometimes, you have experiences that sort of point at its presence. Like the one I had a couple of days ago. Honestly, it’s the first time I’m going through a thought/experience of that sort. Which is why it ended up being the bit! 

Ever felt like you want to get out of your body? Crazy question, I know. 

7 thoughts on “Being A Victim of Carnal Imprisonment

  1. sure! I have found for myself , after so many years, that meditation allows that feeling of freedom from body. Just sitting quietly and breathing. In time it becomes easier to let thoughts go and the relaxation and escape from body is elating. It’s the only way I have found a true and healthy path for that want to fly. I love this post, you describe your feelings well. I can relate 🙂

    • Great to know you could relate. About what you mentioned regarding meditation, I’ve been thinking of learning yoga and am checking for a good instructor. So, I’m hoping, someday soon, I’ll be able to relate to your comment. 🙂

    • I’ve read about out-of-body experiences, astral travel and the like. Always wanted to experience something of that sort myself.

  2. I have felt the same experience as mywithershins explained above. There was this time I woke up but couldn’t get up from the bed as body was stiff and I felt like floating around the room. 🙂
    Nice post. 🙂

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