Of Palms, Feet & Spaces

Yesterday, I went out with my housemate, her brother and my sister (Janet). It was tiring, but enlightening in some ways. We went to this book fair, spent time checking out books… It’s always bliss to have books all around me! We had lunch, roamed around a bit, blah blah. It was past 5pm or so when we got back home. Completely drained and dead tired.

The enlightenment was more like an insight into myself. While travelling in the bus, on the way to some part of the city, I realized that I have a kind of claustrophobia. It’s not that I’m always afraid of all closed/cramped/tight places. For instance, I’m not at all uncomfortable while using an elevator. But then, sometimes, when I see walls all around me or can’t see beyond to an open space, I feel this rush of anxiety, a weird sense of suffocation. I was surprised when it struck me; I had never noticed it until now.

How I came to realize this fact about myself – While the bus was passing by a building, the wall was visible right outside the window (to my right). I could just reach out and feel its rough surface. And when I looked to my left, there were people crowding around, and I couldn’t see beyond the wall of human bodies. I felt like I’d begin to suffocate…a clutch of panic in my mind. That was when I understood that I’m claustrophobic, to some extent.

Another enlightenment I had was in the book fair, when I chanced upon a certain book. During the past couple of days, I’ve been talking, reading and thinking a lot about certain unconventional fields of study – astrology, palmistry. What drew me to them is the fact that they combine science (which I LOVE LOVE LOVE) and ethereal, metaphysical elements (which I find intriguing).

At the book fair, yesterday, I saw this book – The Complete Illustrated Guide to Palmistry. I flipped through it, stopping for longer on some pages; the images, texts and concepts all jumping out at my inquisitive mind. Apart from the fact that it was detailed, illustrated and written in an interesting way, I loved the book because of the sheer curiosity it awakened in me. Anyone who saw me could have seen the unmasked excitement on my face!

I’m sure my face must have looked even more animated when I found another book below the palmistry one – The Complete Illustrated Guide to Reflexology. I have always liked the concept of reflexology but didn’t know anything much about it. Beyond the basics, that is. So, seeing the book, I went through it, trying to get a deeper idea of a topic I like. And, I was surprised to find myself going on turning pages, falling in love with the book. I loved the illustrations, explaining how to massage, where and how to apply pressure at the right points for the right reasons.

When I moved towards my sister and away from the book, I felt this longing, pulling me back… I had fallen in love with the book. I had discovered interest and zeal for something so unexpected. And I knew I wanted to learn, know more about it.. So, I’ve been trying to get more information on the subject, checking out possible courses, blah blah. And I couldn’t help sharing it with y’all. 🙂

As far as work is concerned, the bad phase is slowly starting to brighten up. I just completed my first major event, quite successfully. More on that later! I’m still demotivated, more or less, but I’m sure that will pass. Janet is here for a couple of weeks, so it feels really good. I’ve become aware of the presence of an awesome friend. I’ve been having a lot of chocolate. 🙂 Seems like good times are just around the corner.

13 thoughts on “Of Palms, Feet & Spaces

  1. Glad you were able to get out and about with some special people – and books fairs are always fun!

    Odd that you have only recently discovered you have an ambient kind of claustrophobia. My hubby hates crowds, too, but he has always know he was claustrophobic (probably a result of falling through the snow into a deep hole as a kid and not being found for several terrifying minutes!) He does not like the press of bodies all around him. His mother, for reasons of her own that I am not aware of, also has claustrophobia and hates elevators.

    The Palmistry book looks interesting. My next-door neighbor took it up a few years ago. Her hubby, thinking it was all just a trick, photocopied the hands of people at work and gave them to her, not telling her who the hands belonged to, so she would have no pre-conceived ideas about the person she was ‘reading’. After studying the photocopies she wrote what she ‘saw’ on the back and her hubby gave them back to the rightful owners. One lady called her up and asked how she knew the things she wrote about, to which my neighbor replied, “I saw it in your hands”. The lady was flabbergasted as to how accurate the reading had been, some things she hadn’t even told her husband! Then, again, my neighbor has always had a bit of the ‘second sight’, foreseeing things that would happen to family and friends.

    My Tai Chi teacher often talks about Reflexology and how stimulating certain parts of the body will increase blood flow to organs and other parts of the body. It is a very interesting science. Happy reading! 🙂

    • I always love your replies! The incident regarding your neighbour’s experience with palmistry is interesting. And very much inspiring. All the more motivation for me!
      Regarding the claustrophobia, I had never realized it until this particular incident. I hate the press of bodies all around me, too!

  2. I had kind of the same with darkness. When there like no lights, I feel as if the darkness around is going to suffocate me. If only it’s complete darkness. Not even one bit of light.
    And seriously? Reflexology? What’s with that suddenly? Palmistry is kind of interesting to me too. A bit fun and funny.. 😀

    • Reflexology and suddenly? Haven’t I always had an affinity towards foot massages? You should remember, of all people! 🙂 And, palmistry…it’s far beyond fun! Seriously!

  3. Well..that’s another similarity between us 😛 . I’ve always considered it as a form of hypothetical science, something like particle physics. Something that we mankind maybe too naive to understand yet or has not developed a mind to understand.

    Since you’re interested in the mystical sciences right now, check these out too.
    Face reading, Numerology, lakshana shasthra and naadi leaves. Me and my friends once travelled to tanjore temple in search of a true naadi reader but it’s difficult to find a true reader among a thousand phonies. But the whole concept and the experience was very interesting. 😀 and there are some interesting and very wierd methods of divination out there, some will even leave you laughing.
    Try googling brigusamhitta it’s an interesting read if you like mythologies.

    Anyways very happy to see that you’re getting back to your normal crazy self :).

    Btw did you buy the two books?

    • I’m glad you liked it and took the time to comment. I’ve always been interested in mystical sciences but not as much as I am right now…not so much that I actually wanted to learn about it and stuff.

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