Back Again

It’s been ages since I blogged. And you have no idea how many have been asking me to blog, saying they keep checking for new posts. To be honest, I’m flattered. The reason why I haven’t been blogging for so long is – hectic schedule (thanks to work) and pure laziness (thanks to me)! Right now, seeing the ‘Add New Post’ page, having my fingers literally flying over the keyboard, it feels so damn good.

Today has been an awesome day! In fact, I have been having a bit of awesomeness in each day during the past one week. Which is probably why I felt moved enough to blog today. Well, apart from the fact that I’ve made a couple of new friends, a lot has been happening. And I just had to write it out.

The past one week has been eventful. My work has begun to get a little pressurizing, at times. Even though I get irritated, I know that it will eventually turn out to be a great experience for me. So, I grit my teeth (literally, almost always) and go through these trying situations, knowing that it will pass.

I have grown closer to a really sweet person at work. Her place is right beside mine, and every now and then, we find something or the other to talk to each other. It might be stupid office-gossip, personal stuff, work-related tidbits or whatever! And, last week, when I faced a very confusing situation, I wanted to talk it out. And she was the first person to come to my mind. I loved the conversation we had. For one thing, it made me realize how close we had grown to each other. Another reason is – I LOVED the way she cleared up the whole issue, making me feel so much better.

I have made another new friend, too. A total random stranger. We started texting by chance…and then met up last week. And, well, we might not be personally close or anything. But I enjoyed the time I spent with him. He is easy and fun to be with, someone who will make you laugh, feel comfortable. So, that’s how I found a new friend.

I moved to a new place today. It’s a really cute, awesome place. Very silent, tranquil area…friendly house-mates… After I got here, I was unpacking. And it struck me. Unpacking (or even packing, for that matter) is a sort of draining process. It’s like you’re unpacking your life; you pack up every remnant of the life you spent in a place, and then you unpack that life in another place, where these things look odd, misplaced. But, eventually, those things start to belong in the new space… I hope I’ll be able to blend in with this place soon.

I have so many other thoughts running around in my head. But, right now, I need to go get some sleep. I’ll try not to let this space rot. I’ve missed blogging so much.

This and That… – Basically, Thoughts

It was Onam yesterday, and I got two days off from work. Since I’m away from home, it was mostly like any other day, nothing special. When I spoke to dad, he asked

English: Pookalam during Onam days in Irinjala...

me what was happening for Onam and I had nothing to tell him. Because there’s nothing happening over here. And that made me think. All these religious or cultural festivals mean nothing to me. I get a holiday, which is great. And…well, that’s it. I haven’t felt an attachment to any of them that would make it special for me. And why? Because it was always the presence of my family that made any day significant for me.

Christmas is my favourite festival and time of the year. Now, when I try to understand why, I don’t have an answer. I’m not religious, I don’t attach any significance to the beliefs or practices behind Christmas. But it is special, nevertheless. Very much so. Because it was always special for my family. They made it different for me. Their enthusiasm, interest and spirited approach to the festival is my most vivid memory connected to it. Which is probably why it has always been so exceptional for me.

Over here, so far away from my family, all these special days have lost their charm, for me. They don’t mean anything to me, except a lot of dear memories. There are so many other aspects or elements in life that have significance for you only (or mostly) because of what it means to your loved ones.

Tuesday was an awesome day! For the first time ever, I went clothes-shopping by myself. I’m not a fan of shopping. I don’t enjoy shopping, especially by myself, and especially for clothes (none of this is applicable when it comes to books). It was an impulsive decision. And I thoroughly enjoyed it. When I got back, there was nobody at home. I can’t tell you how super-happy I was. I got some quality time for myself, after so long. I didn’t know how much I had missed spending time by myself, with absolutely no one around. I used to get enough and more of it, while at home. But over here, getting some time all for yourself is like a treasure. So, I made most of the two hours or so I had. I shouted (shouting has a liberating effect, for me), sang out loud, danced around, talked to myself, spent sometime looking outside, sipping coffee… And, had 2 delightful hours by myself. 2 hours that gave me an enlightening thought – I’m at a most beautiful point in life, a phase that I had longed for. And I’m truly enjoying it. The past 2 days have proved, with all the more emphasis, that life does give you what you want/ask for.

Home is Here! :D

Tadaaa…I know it’s been an awful long time since I posted last! Really sorry. What happened is this: 17th was my last exam. 18th was just spent with friends at hostel. 19th was the class Farewell. And  on 20th, I vacated from hostel. That’s in short. I haven’t mentioned anything about how it pained me to think of leaving my friends, knowing that I might not be seeing half of them ever again. I haven’t told you anything about the teary farewell we had, how I couldn’t stop my eyes from welling up when I had to leave Maria and Merlin (my best friends at college). I also didn’t tell anything about how I still don’t seem to be able to accept the fact that college is over, that I can’t go back there at the end of a vacation, or sit in those boring classes or talk shit about it! Most of my classmates aren’t readers…and reading would be the last thing I’ll expect them to do when they are online. So, I know they won’t really be reading my blog (with the exception of a few). Still, if they did, they will be able to read between the lines and feel all these unsaid emotions, I’m sure. Because they went through the same. I’m going to miss them a lot! 😦

Anyway, Merlin put up a surprise for my birthday. It was quite unexpected because she had always (almost) been with me during the day; I hadn’t exactly given her time to sneak away and arrange a surprise, you see. Inspite of that, she did come up with something. And I loved it! Apart from Merlin, some of my dearest friends and juniors were part of it, which made it all the more special for me! It was my first, last and best birthday at college/hostel! My previous two birthdays (while in college) were spent at home, getting bored!!

After going home on 20th, I didn’t do anything much. Since there was a cousin’s marriage on 23rd, all of us were busy with stuff. I had some awesome new experiences during those couple of days. 🙂 After the marriage, I was so damn tired. Couldn’t pull myself up from the bed!  Yet, when my cousin put up this plan of going for a movie that night, I was all geared up to go,   keeping aside the ‘body-ache’ that was killing me! So, we went for a movie that night…It was a first time experience for me  – going for a movie at night (it’s kinda unusual in this part of the country). And it was fun!!

Next day was spent in packing and blah blah…nothing interesting. And on 25th,  Tadaaa… I flew down to RAK! I’m coming home after around a year and half. And my first glimpse of the desert was awesome! 🙂 I couldn’t stop looking down at the view – the stretch of ‘unadulterated’, untouched desert…truly spellbinding! For me, atleast! It made me feel so damn happy! 🙂  I landed at Sharjah Airport by 12 30pm and, within an hour, I was on my way home, with mom, Ann  (youngest sister), a cousin, her kid and mom. I loved seeing the vast expanse of desert all around…the feel of the heat, the buildings on the way, familiar landmarks, the usual chatter in the car… Aaahhh…I can’t tell you how great it felt to be back home! 🙂 I know you’ll perfectly understand, anyway!

Back here, almost every tree you see looks barren… They have bare branches, look absolutely devoid of moisture, kinda lifeless… That’s how nature looks like out here (unless you spend time and tend to the plants/trees). But, seeing those trees, I felt a sense of joy that I haven’t felt in a long time. I’d prefer seeing these bare-branched trees any day,  rather than the lush greenery of Kerala! I know that sounds weird and crazy. But I mean it. And I said so to my mom! I guess it’s probably because I was born and brought up here…and everything about this place connects to me, to my core being.

Well, so…I don’t want to get you yawning with too much details about home,   blah blah. It feels liberating to be here, because I know this is where I belong. I can kinda sense my soul rejoicing…because it knows it’s home. 🙂 So, I have arrived!  You can expect many happier, ‘awesomer’ & more regular posts coming up… 🙂 Have fun!!! 🙂