‘Trying to Figure Out Love’ OR ‘Love…WTF is it?’

I knew this new phase and all the new experiences would mean a lot of new stuff to blog about. But I never expected I’d have so many new thoughts, that it would actually push me to come up with two posts in a day! 🙂 Well, so here I am. Remember the thought I had while brushing my teeth? Yeah, so I thought I’d get to that.

I was thinking about love (yeah, weird time to think about love, I suppose). Sometimes, the choices in life are odd, difficult. Hard to figure out. Hard to choose. Like, what would you choose if you had two versions of perfection before you (like, two perfect jobs, two perfect people, two perfect anything)? And, yes, you can choose only one. And…the worst part? You love both options! Especially when it comes to something as intricate as love, this kinda choice is sure to drive you mad.

But today morning, I was struck by a thought, something like an enlightenment, I guess. 🙂 While in college, during some programme, one of my favourite teachers mentioned about an article he had read. And he read out this line about love. I had written it down, tried to find it but couldn’t. Anyway, the gist of it is that: ‘Love is not about me, but about you; how I can enrich your life, how I can bring happiness into your life’. Something in those lines. The actual lines were so beautiful, I feel so bad for replacing destroying it with my stupid lines.

Anyway, the point is…love is something far above normal human emotions. Love takes on an entirely new (& true, I think) meaning when you think about someone else far more than you do about yourself. I’m not saying love means never thinking about yourself. You know this person is special, you would NEVER want him/her to be unhappy, you would do everything in your power to see them happy, even if the person is not someone you’re personally close to. Now, that is love, in its purest form. Just the need to see someone happy, smiling, alive. Isn’t that what we want for our loved ones? Above everything else? That is love. Simple, isn’t it? And when I put it in this perspective, I realized that it’s not really important whom you choose when you’re faced with a choice. Because love does not have rules, love would never force you to choose (and yeah, choosing one does not mean you completely stop loving the other). It doesn’t have limits, no conditions on how many people you can choose to love.

There are a lot of people I love; people I care about and for whom I would do anything! Anything to see them happy. Is that bad? So, basically, what I’m trying to do is…I’m trying to justify the situation wherein you might have to make a choice and yet have love for both!