A Labour Of Love (& Friendship & Lots More)

I hope I don’t turn into this full-time movie reviewer (or whatever those people are called!). Anyway, there’s a movie that I want to mention (in detail, that is). It’s not exactly a movie movie. It’s a short film named ‘Vazhikatti’ (a Malayalam word meaning someone/something that shows/guides you to a path), created by the final year boys of two classes at my college (most of them being my classmates). Why I’m doing this is because I know the efforts they put into this venture, and I want to do what I can to contribute to it, no matter how small or insignificant it maybe. And writing a post about it seemed like a great idea to me. 🙂

Let me first introduce you to the person who directed this short film – Shalu V.S.

Mekhavarnan (protagonist), Shalu (director) & Abraham (supporting actor)

He is an extremely talented young man, around 21 years of age, and aspires to be a movie director someday. He is so dedicated to fulfilling his dreams and has such awesome ideas. Since we’ve been in the same class for 3 whole years, I know how much this means to him and to the whole crew, which is exactly why I feel so strongly about supporting their efforts. Knowing each one of them makes a huge difference in the way I see the film, because they are guys I talk to and spend time with, on a daily basis. Used to, that is (since college is over).

Let’s get to the movie, shall we? So, Vazhikatti is basically a Malayalam short film (duration: approx. 30 minutes) that conveys a meaningful message. It might not be anything extraordinarily new, it’s nothing that you haven’t seen before. Sometimes, when we are busy travelling a certain path, we forget to look around…and most often, need to be guided onto the right path by someone. It could be a random person, a passer-by, a friend, a relative, anyone. This is the concept behind the movie. It revolves around the life and dreams of Mekhavarnan ,  the protagonist, and portrays how he  becomes successful, helped by a simple advice.

While it may not be anything incredibly notable, if you watch it, keeping in mind that it was done by a bunch of 20 or 21-year-old students (who have a lot of other things to be busy with), I think you will realize the level of their talent. Anyway, I loved the acting, even though their inexperience/unease before the camera is kinda evident in some scenes. The dialogue delivery could have been improved; it seems sort of forced and less natural. Mekhavarnan (the main character) has done a great job; in fact, I guess everyone gave it their best! Even those who did the supporting roles have done it with a dedication that surprised me. 🙂 I was impressed by the cinematography, done by Dhanish. He is one of my very good friends… and man! I was amazed by his work! He is the fun, easy-going kind but when it comes to something to do with a camera, photos, editing and the like, he surprises you completely! Loved his work in the movie! Anooj, another genius in these aspects (& an ardent movie-lover), has done the VFX and hats off to him! I don’t know how he works magic with visuals, but he does it, and he does it great!

Shalu, Martin & Dhanish

The music by Basil & team is beautiful! No other word to describe it better! I loved the background score in so many scenes, and the song (at the end) is strikingly impressive, coming from such young (& amateur) guys! When it comes to direction, Shalu has been completely dedicated and totally into it since the beginning. He has done a great job. For someone so young and lacking in experience, I was awed by his knowledge and ideas. He has a very clear idea about what he wants, what he has to do…and puts in his mind, body and soul into what he does. I sincerely hope his dreams come true. All of us (girls at hostel) keep talking about how, someday soon, we might be watching his movie and commenting about how we were classmates once. 😀

I know I haven’t named everyone who worked behind the movie, nor commented on every aspect of it. Anyway, thumbs up to the whole crew behind Vazhikatti. There are flaws, imperfections. But they have done their best and the outcome is awesome! 🙂 The movie is in Malayalam, and although subtitles are provided, I suppose not all of you might enjoy watching it. Anyhow, do try to watch it, if you can. But above all, please support and encourage them in their future ventures!

For those of you who would like to watch it, here’s the link:

Meet-ups & Memories :)

Guess what? I met up with Saba on Wednesday! We were seeing each other after a year and a half (almost half, that is). And it was super-awesome! 🙂 I loved it. We met at her place. And even though we didn’t do anything much except talk and eat, I loved the few hours I spent with her. In fact, I couldn’t believe it when it was time for me to leave. And we hadn’t even begun to talk, like you know, talk talk. We had been catching up on each other’s lives, talking about ex-classmates and my future plans…we had just begun! 😦

It’s always been like that. Every time I’m with Saba, time seems to pass ever so fast…and before we know it, hours would have gone by like minutes! Anyway, she lives nearby now. So, I guess that means lots more meet-ups! 🙂

It’s always such a delight to meet someone so dear to you, after so long. And even though so much time has passed by, you still feel the same…and you kinda know, deep within, that things will always be the same. 🙂 Even though you grow older or whatever, some bonds don’t change.

Today, I spent a lot of time talking to my youngest sister – Ann. I was telling her about my school time memories and fun. About this sir who was so not like a teacher, how he changed so suddenly and then we tried to get back at him by trying to break his chair (didn’t work out, anyway!). About the super-mad boys in my class (12 Std.) who used to say such crazy stuff that I could never go through a single hour without laughing out (atleast once). School was so much fun…even though we didn’t really realize it then. Miss those times! I suppose I’ll be saying the same about college, quite soon (or maybe, I’ve already started)! 🙂


What I’ve Been Upto

Ok, so, I know I had said I would be back right the next day after the previous post. And it’s been… I don’t know…2-3 days? 🙂 Well, I’ve been upto my neck in activities! Like I mentioned earlier, we had the exhibition thing on Monday. I was busy with all the preparations and work during Sunday. Monday, I woke up earlier than my usual wake-up-time so that I could go to class early and get the stuff arranged. I was happy with the outcome, though I knew we could have done a tiny bit better in some ways. Anyway, that doesn’t matter. After the judging panel (a group of teachers, actually) came and checked out our work, my friend and I went over to the other classes to see what they had put up. And I was really impressed with some of it. Like, REALLY impressed. Unfortunately, we didn’t win anything…though, I suspect ulterior reasons for that. Anyway, one good thing that came out of this whole venture was that I got to get close to some classmates with whom I hadn’t been very close. Especially since our time together is nearing an end, it feels good to know that I won’t be leaving behind just a bunch of strangers who were in my same class for 3 years. Rather, I will be going away from some sweet friends who touched my life in ways inexplicable; friends who will always stay in that part of my mind which I will love revisiting whenever I need something to smile about.

Right after the exhibition (ie. on Monday), we had our College Day on Thursday (yesterday) and had to start preparing for it. My friends and I were doing a dance. And we had just two days to practise. I was worn out after the running around for Monday’s programme but I wanted to do my best for the dance. Because it would be our last dance in college. Our last College Day! So, we met up on Tuesday morning and were practising for the dance whole day, until almost 5pm or so. It was tiring but exciting…We were willing to put in our maximum since we knew we might not get another chance! And it was fun! Some guys from our class were also doing a dance and we had a great time while practising. As usual, we fooled around a bit, laughed a lot, danced a hell lot and enjoyed ourselves to the hilt! Wednesday went by in the same way – practice, fun, laughter (not necessarily in that order, though! :D).

Yesterday was the College Day. Morning was spent in practice, mostly. By the time we were getting ready for the dance, all of us were aware of the enormity of the situation. It would be our last dance together (atleast the last proper, practised one). Last dance in college… Some of us, like me, who are planning to work, aren’t even sure if we would be having one of this kind ever again! We went about with a renewed energy, knowing very well that this would be last time we’ll get to have a blast! Before the dance, we hugged each other and vowed to enjoy ourselves, no matter what. The dance was awesome! Ok, we might not be exceptionally amazing dancers. But we loved the experience, enjoyed it, danced like there was no tomorrow…and we gave it our best! All of us were so happy and spirited. And super-satisfied with what we did. Even after the dance, I couldn’t bring myself to sit still and was running around, being with everyone, talking or just having fun. It was one of the best team efforts we have ever pulled off. Loved it! And it will always be one of the most cherished memories of college life for me.

Now that classes are over, I wish I could get one more day of it. Maybe not those hours of lectures, but I would love some of those free hours or practice sessions. 😀 It’s kinda overwhelmingly sad to know that within a month or so, all of us will be in different places, with not much idea of where each one is…after having been together, within the same four walls, for 3 whole years! We will be going our ways, not knowing if we might even see each other sometime in the future. Guess that’s what they call life! 🙂