I’m kinda blank right now. I don’t know what to write about. Basically because there’s nothing new happening. After College Day I have had a couple of lazy days, sleeping or watching movies or just doing nothing. I spoke to Kiran a couple of days ago. We were talking after quite a while. And it felt good! Like, really good! 🙂

Our model exams began today. Not a big deal, to be honest. Actually, at this point, if you ask me, I’d say life’s a little too monotonous. It’s going good, I know…I’m happy, I admit. But there’s that distinct sense of emptiness and dullness, especially since College Day got over! So, I don’t know what to say. I’m literally blank! Somehow, the idea of leaving college is all that I can think of these days. Prominently, that is. And that thought drains me out in a way that leaves me blank. Like now. Today was good. I had an exam, it was ok; went out with Merlin, had lunch, got some stuff for a friend’s birthday party tonight (we’re planning to surprise her! :)). Although I should add that I’m not very enthusiastic about it, on the whole. Probably because I know we don’t really matter so much to this particular friend. I wonder if she will even remember us, after she leaves from college. Whatever! Not like it matters, you know.

So, I know this isn’t really fair. But I promise I’ll come up with something better for the next day. For now, this will have to do! 🙂

What I’ve Been Upto

Ok, so, I know I had said I would be back right the next day after the previous post. And it’s been… I don’t know…2-3 days? 🙂 Well, I’ve been upto my neck in activities! Like I mentioned earlier, we had the exhibition thing on Monday. I was busy with all the preparations and work during Sunday. Monday, I woke up earlier than my usual wake-up-time so that I could go to class early and get the stuff arranged. I was happy with the outcome, though I knew we could have done a tiny bit better in some ways. Anyway, that doesn’t matter. After the judging panel (a group of teachers, actually) came and checked out our work, my friend and I went over to the other classes to see what they had put up. And I was really impressed with some of it. Like, REALLY impressed. Unfortunately, we didn’t win anything…though, I suspect ulterior reasons for that. Anyway, one good thing that came out of this whole venture was that I got to get close to some classmates with whom I hadn’t been very close. Especially since our time together is nearing an end, it feels good to know that I won’t be leaving behind just a bunch of strangers who were in my same class for 3 years. Rather, I will be going away from some sweet friends who touched my life in ways inexplicable; friends who will always stay in that part of my mind which I will love revisiting whenever I need something to smile about.

Right after the exhibition (ie. on Monday), we had our College Day on Thursday (yesterday) and had to start preparing for it. My friends and I were doing a dance. And we had just two days to practise. I was worn out after the running around for Monday’s programme but I wanted to do my best for the dance. Because it would be our last dance in college. Our last College Day! So, we met up on Tuesday morning and were practising for the dance whole day, until almost 5pm or so. It was tiring but exciting…We were willing to put in our maximum since we knew we might not get another chance! And it was fun! Some guys from our class were also doing a dance and we had a great time while practising. As usual, we fooled around a bit, laughed a lot, danced a hell lot and enjoyed ourselves to the hilt! Wednesday went by in the same way – practice, fun, laughter (not necessarily in that order, though! :D).

Yesterday was the College Day. Morning was spent in practice, mostly. By the time we were getting ready for the dance, all of us were aware of the enormity of the situation. It would be our last dance together (atleast the last proper, practised one). Last dance in college… Some of us, like me, who are planning to work, aren’t even sure if we would be having one of this kind ever again! We went about with a renewed energy, knowing very well that this would be last time we’ll get to have a blast! Before the dance, we hugged each other and vowed to enjoy ourselves, no matter what. The dance was awesome! Ok, we might not be exceptionally amazing dancers. But we loved the experience, enjoyed it, danced like there was no tomorrow…and we gave it our best! All of us were so happy and spirited. And super-satisfied with what we did. Even after the dance, I couldn’t bring myself to sit still and was running around, being with everyone, talking or just having fun. It was one of the best team efforts we have ever pulled off. Loved it! And it will always be one of the most cherished memories of college life for me.

Now that classes are over, I wish I could get one more day of it. Maybe not those hours of lectures, but I would love some of those free hours or practice sessions. 😀 It’s kinda overwhelmingly sad to know that within a month or so, all of us will be in different places, with not much idea of where each one is…after having been together, within the same four walls, for 3 whole years! We will be going our ways, not knowing if we might even see each other sometime in the future. Guess that’s what they call life! 🙂