5 Things I Love About My Work

I’ve just completed my third week at work. I had the same 5 points in my head for the past three weeks but never found the time and peace of mind to sit down and write it out. So, here I am, at the end of three weeks at work. And about to tell you 5 things I love about my work. I hope it doesn’t change, that I’ll always have enough and more reasons to love my work and be happy about it. Anyway, this is what I love right now. So, here goes.

1. The need to know more, be informed – I realized this right on the first day I joined. Being a person who knew next to nothing about happenings, business, corporate world and a lot of other stuff (ummm…make that everything!), I understood I would have to put in a lot of effort if I had to do anything in here. And I’ve been trying. Trying my best to know more. I keep pushing myself to know more. I’m surprised at the amount of information/knowledge I’ve gained over the past 3 weeks, even though not all of it maybe beneficial to me beyond the workplace. Anyway, it is something I love, nevertheless. I do what I can to know more, to get a deeper idea of what I’m doing. The best part? The learning never stops.

2. Involves thinking –Β I suppose all jobs require some amount of thinking. But what I’m talking about is creative thinking. As part of my work, I’m supposed to think about possible options, new ideas and come up with something that can get the desired end/result. I love that. I’m just getting into the groove of it, but I totally love the way I have to push myself to come up with better ideas & possibilities. I also love the fact that it keeps me busy (mostly, not always), does not give me time to dwell on trifles. Apart from this, I get to do some stuff for others, which helps me dabble in different areas.

3. People – This is something I’m truly happy about, more than anything else. I love the people I’m working with. I agree there maybe exceptions. People might turn out to be different, looks might turn out to be deceptive. Keeping aside all that, there are a few individuals I love talking to, being with and working with. People whom I can connect to, who are similar to me and (best part!!) who dare to think big and beyond. Because not everyone will be able to understand your dreams and perceptions. It’s always inspiring and motivating to be around individuals who have ambitions, who understand the need to have a greater purpose in life.

4. The Environment – The work environment is AWESOME. It’s what I have always wanted my workplace to be like. And I’m super-glad I ended up right where I wanted to be. The people are all very friendly and helpful (again, I’m leaving out the exceptional cases). Once I was through the initial settling-in phase, I got back to my usual self – alternating between bursts of sense and long bouts of nonsense. Like I’ve mentioned in a previous post, there is a lot of energy in the place. I’ve noticed that most of the other employees (who have been here for a while) share a very cordial relationship with each other, even with the directors (assuming I didn’t read it wrong). I had expected the work environment to be all formal and serious. But, well, I was wrong about this place. It’s anything but formal and serious!

5. Part of a bigger cause – OK, maybe not as big as I make it seem. But when I realize that all the work we (not just me) put in is for something greater, it gives me another reason to love my work. All these years, I’ve attended events or watched them on TV. And today, I’m working on them. I’m getting to know what goes into the making of an event, how the final event is put together, how that perfect D-Day is achieved. I’ve begun to realize there’s a lot of people and their effort behind it. On the day of the event, when you see people enjoying and appreciating it, and you realize your effort is an integral part of the success, that’s when you see the bigger cause that you were a part of. I haven’t got there yet, but I will, very soon. πŸ™‚

So, that’s 5 things I love about my work. If I sound like I’m having this super-awesome time, work’s all great and no problems bothering me, then well…I think I must have been over-enthusiastic. That happens a lot. But who am I fooling? Don’t worry. I’m still on the same planet as the rest of you, where almost everything has a lot of good things and a hell lot of bad things about it. There are things I don’t like about my work, I admit. But, more on that later, in another post. πŸ™‚

Preludes & Conclusions

I’ve always believed that bad times are a prelude to happiness. And it has come true yet again!

Bad times (The Prelude) –Β Day before yesterday, I was supposed to go for a couple of interviews. My cousin had agreed to take me since he knew the place well, and he had some stuff to do there as well. So, I get up earlier than usual and go ask him when we should be leaving. And he tells me it won’t be possible to go because he has some serious stuff to do, something which cannot be kept aside for the next day. I didn’t know what to say. I just stood there, trying to hold back all the emotions. I didn’t know the place at all, and it was already late. So, all I could do was sit there, completely blank, wishing I could just cry out.

After my cousin left, I went to my room. A friend and Ann were online. So I tried talking to them. Out of the interviews, there was one I had really wanted to get through. I called them up and rescheduled the interview for the next day. That made me feel a tiny bit better. Then, I tried to do something to distract myself. I was seriously disturbed! And remember I mentioned a new friend in my last post? I spoke to him that afternoon. We spoke for a long time…and during that conversation, I never got time to think much about the missed opportunities or my emotions. I laughed a lot, talked a lot of nonsense and had a good time talking to him. Anyhow, I spent the rest of the day worrying about what I’d do the next day.

Happiness (The Conclusion) –Β When I mentioned the plan to my cousin, he said he had engagements for that day too. So, Janet and I decided to go by ourselves. I got a good friend of mine (from that city) to come along with us. So…to cut a long story short, yesterday, I had the interview. I loved it! I’m not talking about how I performed or anything. I loved the interview. Maybe because I know I won’t have something like that if I go for the typical commerce-related jobs. There were 3 rounds, the final one being the best. The last session was with the Managing Director. He is an awesome person and I understood that he was analyzing me by the probing questions he asked. It’s not always that you get to challenge yourself to show your best in front of someone. What’s more, he made me think so much! Anyway, so…I got the job! πŸ™‚ When the HR person said “Welcome aboard!” I was almost about to do a crazy, happy dance. I held myself, thanked them, sat through the other details, and to say I was smiling when I got out would be an understatement!

So, why I like the place so much? ImpresarioΒ is an event management company that organizes events, shows, brand launches, concerts, weddings and a lot more. The list includes international events, too! Apart from the fact that it involves a lot more opportunities, I believe it is a place where I can put my skills to use and do something substantial. A place where I can do more, be more. Their office (which has comparatively few people, unlike usual offices) does not give away the kind of creativity that is filled in the place. But the people do. The place has a palpable energy and lot of positive vibes, obviously since most of the people working there are young. From the handful of persons I met, I could see something so clearly – they are a bunch of people who think creatively. In short, this is the kind of place where I belong. So, you can imagine how super-happy I’m. πŸ™‚

I’ll be moving on 1st and starting with the job on 2nd. I know everything’s happening so fast. But then, that’s what I want! πŸ™‚ So, I’ve ended up in a job I wanted, in a place where I’ll belong…I’m happy. Which is what I tried to get across through this post. Bad times are a prelude to happiness. Always. πŸ™‚

Painting Happiness

It’s amazing how small things can help us realize great lessons. Lessons that can sometimes turn your day around! πŸ™‚ Read on, and you will understand what I’m talking about.

Well, yesterday morning, I met up with Saba. We spent almost over 5 hours or so at her place. All we did was talk, eat and watch TV for a (very very) short while. Anyway, it did a hell lot of good to me! I felt so much better, just being with her. I admit there were times when I kinda fell back into my distracted, moody phase but never for long. We spoke about a lot of random stuff – movies, songs, friends, her life, my stuff, Osama bin Laden (yeah, Β you read it right!), so on. πŸ˜€ Just wish I could have stayed longer. But she had work and we had no other option. I was in a perceptibly good mood once I got back home.

When Ann came back from school, she showed me a painting she had done. She

From the Windows Of Jupiter – Gerardo Gomez (click to know more)

isn’t really into painting, doesn’t do it so well or anything but likes to dabble at everything. And, so, she tries to paint out her thoughts in her own weird ways. Only she can make sense of her paintings. I love trying to interpret her paintings with crazy thoughts. [Note: The painting on the right looked like a really happy one probably because of the vibrant colours, which is why I chose it.]

Anyway, this particular painting had a yellow dome-like structure in the middle with some black lines outlining it. Thanks to her help, I understood that it was supposed to be a gate. Underneath the gate, there were thick streaks of yellow, blue and black (horizontally). Ok, like all of you, I was clueless when she showed it to me. And I asked her what it means (she loves explaining her paintings!).

Firstly, it depicts a kind of fantasy world. According to her, the layers/streaks of colours show the different layers separating the ‘world’ from the ‘gate to happiness’. Black stands for sadness & negative emotions while blue is a more positive layer and yellow, of course, denotes happiness. I LOVED the whole idea (I always love her ideas, they are so novel and different).

But, when I looked closely at the painting, I noticed another possible interpretation. It could have been a painting of how our mind is… The layers represent different emotions, starting from the depressive, negative thoughts (black), the slightly positive ones (blue) and then the happy ones (yellow)…finally leading to the gate of happiness, which lies deep within all of our minds. Only when we navigate through these different, deep layers and go deep into our minds will we find happiness. Happiness is found within, after all.

This is what I meant by the very first sentence…how small things can teach us great lessons. How the seemingly silly painting by my little sister could make me see something so profound and immense! I know I’m sad, and now, I’m trying to overcome it…by going deeper into myself…because that’s the only way out. πŸ™‚ I already knew it, but I guess I had to be reminded. I won’t find joy (that lasts) anywhere else, for it lies within.

So, what’s the one great lesson that you have learnt from a quite small/trivial incident?Β 


This is another picture Ann drew. I LOVE it. Maybe because it’s from a different angle and perspective. πŸ™‚