The After-Effects of Reading A Thought-Provoking Post

Just when I thought I had understood all the joys that my blog could gift me, I discovered another one. 🙂 Now, I’m seriously wondering if this will ever come to an end. Not that I want it to.

Like I’ve mentioned before, I go through the Freshly Pressed posts everyday. Today, I read a post that struck me in ways more than one. It’s basically a film review but something so different from what I had expected – Film Review: ‘This Is Not a Film’ highlights Iranian filmmaker’s talents while under house arrest. There are a couple of lines in this post that I loved: “The need to direct is in this man’s blood. It’s an energy that simply cannot be repressed, no matter the threat of jail.” True talent can never be suppressed, whatever you do to a person. Jafar Panahi (the director mentioned in the post) is a living example for that. He is an Iranian film director who has made some critically acclaimed movies (that have won many awards). In 2010, he was given a 6-year jail sentence and 20 year ban on making or directing any movies/screenplay/giving interviews.

The iranian filmmaker member of the jury of th...

Jafar Panahi

I love the way his talent and his need (not a want or desire or longing, but a necessary need!) to direct has been portrayed by the writer of this post. He is described as someone who is kept alive by his zeal and talent to make films. People like that are rare to find; people with such brilliance in talent, such dedication and love for what they do. I don’t understand why a man like Panahi should be under arrest/ban. It just doesn’t make sense to me. Especially with so many people protesting against it and demanding he should be released! I hope he gets released soon and continues to make good movies. By the way, the Amnesty International are collecting signatures as part of a request to reverse the sentence imposed on Panahi. This was mentioned in the other post as well, but just in case you overlooked it, you can join the action here.

Apart from these thoughts, reading this post made me realize something. I used to read the newspaper daily (almost) and knew atleast a considerable bit about what was going on in the world around me. But, after joining college, I lost touch with everything related to the world outside. I lost the interest to keep myself informed, I lost the motivation to find time for it…and well, I just lost contact with the whole world. I still haven’t regained it, though I’ve begun trying. And this post has super-motivated me, now! More than that, it has pointed out to me how much I’ve missed, how much I don’t know about what’s going on out there. Blogging has begun to keep me informed about current affairs/happenings around the world (which is a function basically associated with newspapers, news channels, media…you get the idea!)!!! That’s something exciting for me. Because I had never thought of this aspect, never considered blogging could be so much more than expressions put into words. And now, not only has it begun to inform me but has also given me that necessary push to start regaining what I had lost.

I don’t know when I’ll stop saying this:  I LOVE BLOGGING! 🙂

The Futility of Current Affairs

  I have been frequently asked by friends to update myself and write something about curent affairs, politics and stuff instead of my personal thoughts and opinions. Well, I have seriously thought about it. To be honest, I am not the kind of person who stays up to date about the current affairs and all that happens in the world. I might know about some of the major happenings but if you ask me in detail about it, I will be completely blank!

  I was just thinking… what I would write about the current affairs as I know it. After a lot of thinking, I realized something. To be very honest, I think talking about it is completely useless. The current affairs that is so talked about today will most probably be quite the same as yesterday and will not be very different from that of tomorrow. It’s always the same old stuff – a fight here, a riot there, a rebellion over there, bombings in some part, accidents, wars, crises, so on. Always the same kind of news, mostly.

 And its so completely useless! It’s all so maddening. So many atrocities, cruelty… by one man to another. Such a lot of wars, all because of man’s greed and foolishness. I find it maddening to sit and watch or listen to all this… I feel no pleasure, relaxation or peace seeing the suffering of people in some part of this world, witnessing the inhuman behvaiour of some people in some other parts…knowing that all this is being done by individuals from the same race as you and me.

  Whenever there is a tragic incident, there is a lot of hype about it. People seem to have nothing else to talk about. They keep talking about the incident, sympathizing or feeling pity on those who lost their loved ones. What good does it do to those families who have lost? Do people ever care to give a thought to it after the issue has died down? I doubt it. We feel pity, talk about it and finally go back to our own lives. So, basically, what use comes from all this? We will find another issue tomorrow to ponder over. Though the places and people may change, the basic essence of all these ‘current affairs’ remain the same.

   What is, ultimately, the great use in knowing all these? It’s all the same… mostly evolving because of man. It’s nothing but a mere waste of time! It’s of no use… be it either to me or to others. It will only destroy one’s peace of mind and happiness. If it will be of some use, however small it maybe, to the people who are suffering in this world, then I will definitely change my opinion and try to keep myself updated about the latest current affairs and stuff.