Don’t you Miss my Blah Blah? (Please Say Yes!)

Please ignore the stupidity of the title. I can be really crazy, sometimes. And, dumb, at other times. 

I had a wonderful weekend at home, lazing around, watching movies, eating and talking to Ann. I did everything that I can’t do when I’m staying in a new place – sing out loud, play loud music, talk whatever I want for as long as I want, enjoy the familiarity that home always offers. It was almost painful to come back and get to work.

But, well, here I am, sitting in front of a system that gets super-slow every once in a while, bored of doing whatever I’m doing.

The downside of being here is that I’m alone. In a lot of ways, I appreciate the solitude, especially since it helps me learn to live by myself and take care of myself. But, when it comes to going out, having a meaningful conversation or wanting to see a familiar, comforting face, loneliness sucks! Like I wrote in a

I should use that line, sometime!

I should use that line, sometime!

mail to a friend, I have even lost my appetite because I HATE eating alone (does not mean I enjoy eating with strangers). Every day, I keep hoping time will do the trick, that things will change. Because I’m sure it will. Maybe today. Or tomorrow.

Anyway, another problem with new people is: you tend to hide (or atleast, try not to let them notice) the weird habits/behaviour or quirks you have. On my second day here, when I found out that one of my colleagues lives in the same building as me, I thought I’d have company to commute to work. I almost asked him something of that sort, then quickly dropped it. Why? Because he would come to know some of my quirks. [Awkward confession time…Man, this is difficult!] I’m strangely apprehensive about going down a staircase and look kinda weird while doing so. And thanks to my awesome lack of balance, escalators and electronic walkways are…umm…a tiny bit scary. Just a bit.

So, the thought of a new person noticing this was more than what I was comfortable with. Anyhow, today morning, both of us happened to be waiting for the metro, at the same time. Which, inevitably, means we came to work together. Thankfully, though, this guy happens to be a little too much into himself to notice my innocent quirks. Or maybe he didn’t find me interesting enough to notice (since I hide my awesomeness when I go to work; why invite all that jealousy to oneself?). Well, so, I guess everything’s fine; my secret is safe. 🙂

What makes blogging so much of a relief right now is the fact that I haven’t found a friend to dump my thoughts on have a proper, open conversation with. Until I do (and until I start talking some sense), I’m sure you wouldn’t mind listening.

Bottom line: quirks or no quirks, friend or no friend, life’s good. 🙂



Back Again

It’s been ages since I blogged. And you have no idea how many have been asking me to blog, saying they keep checking for new posts. To be honest, I’m flattered. The reason why I haven’t been blogging for so long is – hectic schedule (thanks to work) and pure laziness (thanks to me)! Right now, seeing the ‘Add New Post’ page, having my fingers literally flying over the keyboard, it feels so damn good.

Today has been an awesome day! In fact, I have been having a bit of awesomeness in each day during the past one week. Which is probably why I felt moved enough to blog today. Well, apart from the fact that I’ve made a couple of new friends, a lot has been happening. And I just had to write it out.

The past one week has been eventful. My work has begun to get a little pressurizing, at times. Even though I get irritated, I know that it will eventually turn out to be a great experience for me. So, I grit my teeth (literally, almost always) and go through these trying situations, knowing that it will pass.

I have grown closer to a really sweet person at work. Her place is right beside mine, and every now and then, we find something or the other to talk to each other. It might be stupid office-gossip, personal stuff, work-related tidbits or whatever! And, last week, when I faced a very confusing situation, I wanted to talk it out. And she was the first person to come to my mind. I loved the conversation we had. For one thing, it made me realize how close we had grown to each other. Another reason is – I LOVED the way she cleared up the whole issue, making me feel so much better.

I have made another new friend, too. A total random stranger. We started texting by chance…and then met up last week. And, well, we might not be personally close or anything. But I enjoyed the time I spent with him. He is easy and fun to be with, someone who will make you laugh, feel comfortable. So, that’s how I found a new friend.

I moved to a new place today. It’s a really cute, awesome place. Very silent, tranquil area…friendly house-mates… After I got here, I was unpacking. And it struck me. Unpacking (or even packing, for that matter) is a sort of draining process. It’s like you’re unpacking your life; you pack up every remnant of the life you spent in a place, and then you unpack that life in another place, where these things look odd, misplaced. But, eventually, those things start to belong in the new space… I hope I’ll be able to blend in with this place soon.

I have so many other thoughts running around in my head. But, right now, I need to go get some sleep. I’ll try not to let this space rot. I’ve missed blogging so much.

Spelling Write

Sometimes, in life, you come across some people who can really spread happiness around them, who can make you feel happy in an instant. Just talking to them makes you smile; you find that you laugh a hell lot when you’re around such a person. They are hard to find. But once you find them, it’s super-hard to let go of them!! I spoke to someone like that, yesterday. I met him around a month ago. And I LOVE talking to him. I feel so happy talking to him and I don’t know how he does it…but he makes me laugh so much during our few minutes of conversation. Talking to him has almost become something like a routine for me…I hate routines but this is one that I look forward to. Every time we talk, I laugh a lot. A lot more than I might have laughed during the rest of the day. I have told him about how happy he makes me feel, but he just waves it off. So, this is just to tell him how much I enjoy talking to him…and to thank him for the abundance of joy he gifts me each day, through mere words!!

Talking about words… Just now, I read this post on a blog I follow – The Obsolescence of Spelling. Last day, I was talking to a friend of mine. I have this habit of asking a lot of questions. Some might find it interesting while some others get so bugged by it. Anyway, I continue with my crazy questions. So, while I was talking to her, I asked her why we have silent letters (like w in wrong, p in pneumonia, s in island, n in damn, etc.). I mean, why bother having those letters if we are not meant to pronounce them in the first place? It doesn’t make any sense at all! The post I read was about spelling, how it is important to get it right, so on. When I read it, I remembered the thoughts I had had during the conversation with my friend. There was this forwarded e-mail I got, long back, which consisted of a paragraph with words all wrongly spelt but with the correct first and last letters (smoehintg leik tihs). The mail claimed that if a word was written with the correct first and last letters, we could read it right, even if it was wrongly spelt. And I found that it was true. I could actually read that gibberish!!

So, that made me wonder. Why do we bother about spellings, then? If we can read words just by using the correct first and last letters, then why put so much effort into writing the correct spelling? And again, if you get the idea of what I’m trying to say, do spellings really count? I don’t know. English is such a messed up language. It has its roots in so many other languages from all over the globe…with variations, in some cases and so many complicated stuff like silent letters, grammatical details, so on. There’s this line I read in a magazine once: ‘English is the only language in which [you say that] noses run and feet smell’. So true! It kinda makes you think what you have been learning English for, right?

Anyway, I’m not trying to trash the language. Not at all. I’m just putting into words some thoughts that have been on my mind lately. Personally, I love English. My mother tongue is not English but I feel most comfortable in this language. I find that I can express myself best through English. I love words, learning more of them, putting them into use. And I’m a person who gives a lot of importance to spellings and pronunciation. I always try to spell and pronounce words correctly. I like it when people correct me because I don’t want to go wrong with words. I love them too much to use them wrongly! Yet, why do I ponder over the peculiarities of the language? Well, I think a lot! I hope that explains it all! 🙂

By the way, today is Charles Dickens’s 200th birthday! I have always loved his books. My favourite Dickens book of all times is A Christmas Carol. Which is yours? I love his style of writing and the depth of his characters. His books were among the first classics I read while growing up. So, naturally, his books are special, for me. Anyway, here’s wishing a Happy Birthday to Charles Dickens!! (Thank you, sir, for the wonderful books you gave the world!) 🙂