A Not-So-Equal and Opposite Reaction

There’s so much that I want to write about. But, for some reason, I don’t get the words when I try to do it. I get it in my head, at times…while at work, while trying to sleep, at random instances. But rarely when I try to write it out. What disturbs me most about the situation is – it never used to be like this. I could get the words so easily and put my thoughts across in the exact way I wanted.

For a moment, I wondered if I’m losing touch. But no, I think I’ll know it if I lose touch with something so integral to my being. So, I guess it’s probably because whenever I’ve sat down to write, I have been too tired (mentally and physically) to take a substantial effort to write.

It feels so suffocating when you have so much in your mind but cannot bring it out completely. Which is the reason I decided to try writing in the morning, when I’m much more relaxed and alive than during the remaining part of the day.

So, I’m done with the boring job at Dubai. Finally! And now, I’m going to do something that’s been on my wishlist. 🙂

When I came back to RAK, one of the first suggestions I got (in terms of a job opportunity) was to join my school (my alma mater) as a teacher. I was told that I could, probably, teach English or something in one of the lower classes. I was very happy with the idea but kept that as an alternative and continued searching for other opportunities. Which eventually landed me in the boring job.

Since I have had enough of office jobs, I have decided to finally take up the job at school. So, long story short, I’m going to teach! I love teaching. It’s something I’ve always wanted to do although not as a long-term career. Well, I’m excited. Very much. Obviously!

While basking in this excitement, something happened last week. An incident (or rather, a comment) that infuriated me. And, you know, writing is the most effective (and paractical and satisfying) way of taking out anger, for me. Especially when the person on the receiving end is going to be my (recent ex-) boss.

The background situation: I was offered a permanent position at the place where I was working until Thursday. But I turned it down because I wanted to teach.

What happened: It was on Monday. I think. The Boss said, “I had told [the concerned person] that you could work here in the media section but he told me you’re going to teach.”

Me (beaming face): “Yes, sir.”

Boss: “People who don’t want to do anything, teach.”

Me (I don’t know what my expression was, but I think I tried to keep smiling): “Why do you say that, sir?”

Boss: repeats same line. Adds “It’s like that.” (Or something as weird as that)

“Oh, I didn’t want to do anything in life. So, well, I teach. What else would aimless people do?” :-/

And, from that moment, I’ve wanted to tell him a lot of things. When he said it, a lot of emotions crossed my mind – amusement (I wonder why he said that); curiosity (Why would he say something like that?); rage (Why the hell would he say that?); intense hatred (WHAT THE FUCK DID HE JUST SAY?).

I had a lot of respect, admiration and liking for this man. He is intelligent, very much capable, likeable, approachable…all that he should be in order to run a successful company in Dubai. But the comment sort of drained everything I had for him. I’m not judging him, I’m not saying he’s a bad person just because of this statement. He is still a good man. Just that I’ve lost my liking for him, whatever reason he might have to justify what he said. I tried to list out possible reasons, too.

a) He was trying to provoke me, I don’t know what for. Maybe to make me think my decision was stupid.

b) He just likes saying such stuff. You know, kill your happiness.

c) He was trying to discourage me (and ended up enraging me!)

d) That’s what he really thinks

Well, none of the reasons seemed good enough to serve as justification (to me, atleast). So, I have irretrievably lost whatever liking I had for him. And there’s a lot I’d like to tell him (yes, that does mean there’s going to be another post, very very soon).

How was your week? And if you have had similar situations, I’m all ears. Always am. (Even if you just want to go blah blah about something random!) 🙂 

5 (out of the many) QUALITIES I HATE IN PEOPLE

Recently, I came across some situations that gave me an idea for something to write about (as if I weren’t already flooded with them! :P). Today, I thought I would write on 5 qualities/characteristics I HATE in people (anyone and everyone). So, here goes.

5 Qualities I hate in People (in no particular order)

1. PESSIMISM – This would be the first to come to my mind, without a doubt. I totally loathe pessimistic people. I cannot stand people who keep lamenting about how their life sucks, how they are not good enough, how they are fat, how they are…I get a headache just thinking about them.

Is the glass half-full or half-empty?

They say ‘An optimist invented the airplane and a pessimist invented the parachute’. Cool. Cheers to whoever invented it (the parachute, that is). But, tell me, does anyone bother to remember him? Is he ever mentioned in the textbooks or in the pages of history with a considerable significance which will match that of the Wright brothers? Yeah, good that he invented the parachute but that doesn’t seem to have done much for him. Optimistic people are the ones who keep hope alive, struggle on and reach for the stars! I hate pessimists, especially the ones who are pessimistic about themselves and their lives.

2. DOUBLE CHARACTER – I don’t know how they do it but some people are REALLY good at maintaining double characters. They talk all sugary in front of you and then, with the next person they meet, bitch about you. I’m someone who hates pretense…and maybe that’s why I don’t like others pretending with me, either. It undermines their self-worth as well as their worth in others’ perceptions.

3. DISHONEST BEHAVIOUR – Now, I won’t say I have never lied. And I won’t say I will never lie, either. But there is an extent to how dishonest one can be, whatever maybe the relationship. I hate it when my close friends or dear ones lie to/hide something from/cheat me. I try my best not to do it myself and I have always done what I can to correct my mistake, when I have been dishonest. I believe that one should treat others in the way one wants to be treated by others. I’m a person who tries my maximum to stick to that policy. Which is why I don’t like dishonest behaviour. As simple as that!

4. SNOBBISH BEHAVIOUR/MATERIALISTIC GREED/BOASTING/EXCESSIVE PRIDE – It’s really weird to hear people brag and talk so highly about themselves or about their materialistic possessions. They could lose everything within the next moment. Yet they go on with their boasting and their greed for more. I detest it…and I wish I could knock some sense into such people. Someday, hopefully!

5. TAKING ADVANTAGE OF OTHERS – I am not at all good at saying a firm ‘NO’ when the situation requires it. And I don’t react much to bad/unfavourable situations. Because of these very reasons, I can be easily taken advantage of. I really am trying to react or say NO when I don’t like something. Anyhow, I hate people who use or take advantage of others, for whatever reason it maybe. It is such an unbecoming act – using a person’s weakness to your advantage.

So…these are the 5 qualities I hate in people. There are many more too…like excessive paranoia, being nosy, being biased, selfishness, over-dominating behaviour, not respecting a person’s privacy…the list doesn’t end here. But I assumed 5 would be enough for now…enough bitching for the day, that is. You can take over, though… What do you hate in others? 😀