Sunny, ‘Sappy’ Thoughts

During the past one week, I have had a lot of thoughts in my head. But, each day, by the time I think of blogging, I would be so tired and the thought of my bed would be super-tempting! I’ve been longing to write out all those thoughts. Which is the reason I’m typing this right now!

I had a very thought-provoking conversation with Kiran sometime last week. I don’t remember why she asked me this question, but while talking about something, she asked me, “How many sunrises have you seen?” And I was taken aback. I’ve been alive for over two decades…and the sunrises I have seen would hardly be above 3 or 4. Even though we moved on to another topic, I was stuck with that thought. I felt like I’m wasting my life…like, whatever I’m doing right now is inconsequential. I couldn’t move beyond this thought in my head – “What the fuck am I doing with my life?”

“With each sunrise, we start anew”

When I spoke it out with Kiran, she came up with another awesome line (she always does that, her lines are brilliant!) – “Rosh, do you want to get used to the sunrise? Do you want it to be as normal and mundane as, say, brushing your teeth?” Whoa! And there, she put it into a whole new perspective!

Almost always, we forget to see the beauty around us. But, perhaps, forgetting to see it is a good thing. Like Kiran said, you wouldn’t want to turn the beauty into something normal, something that’s part of your daily routine. Because, experiences like watching the sunrise should never ever come anywhere under the head of ‘routine’. If that happened, we would be left with nothing to awe us, nothing to remind us of the incredible ways of the Universe.

Another beautiful line by Kiran – “It’s not about how many sunrises you have seen, it’s about whether (and how much)  you appreciate the sunrises you have seen.” I’m in love with that line, the thought. Another reason why I adore Kiran. She is the only person to whom I can say all these crazy thoughts, and be perfectly understood!

Another thought-provoking instance that happened a few weeks ago. At work. One of my colleagues had been away during the day and when he returned, I asked him how his day had been. He replied that it had been bad, I asked why and he replied, “I didn’t learn anything new.” Damn! And what had I learnt? How to while away my time googling? I felt like he had knocked me on the head, probably letting loose some of the good sense in there. Not that I have been learning something new each day since then. But I try. At the end of the day, I try to figure out what new piece of knowledge I learnt. Most of the time, the response is (guilty) silence.

But there are days when I do have a response. Like, recently, when I learnt the word ‘sapiosexual’. And the learning brought along a lot of realizations. I became aware that I have a sapiosexual crush on someone I got to know recently (no sexual attraction involved, though). Today, I was telling Kiran about it. She admitted that even she would come under the same category. And that was when I realized something else. I’m attracted to Kiran, in the same way. I’m serious. After our chat, while going over what we had talked, it just leapt out at me. I’m attracted to her, because of her intelligence, the way she is, the person she is, and a lot more. It’s not sexual; emotional, to an extent (she is my best friend, after all). But the basic & primary reason, I suppose, would be intelligence.

Anyway, tomorrow (actually, today) is a public holiday and I’m planning to have an awesome time at home. Read, watch some movies, sleep, relax. Unwind. Oh…and, blog!

5 Qualities I LOVE in People (or 5 Qualities that Attract Me to Others)

Since I wrote about 5 qualities I hate in others, I thought I should also be writing about 5 qualities I love and that attract me to others. I take my time to understand people, but tend to trust others blindly if I like them. So, what happens is: I like someone, I trust them and by the time I come to understand them properly, it would too late. Of course, there have been some exceptions. And those exceptions are the ones I call my BEST FRIENDS! Anyway, this list includes the top 5 qualities that would make me like a person I’m meeting or talking to, for the first time (obviously!!).

1. Intelligence – I don’t mean the ‘bookish’ intelligence. And I don’t mean the unnatural level of intelligence that people like scientists possess. What I’m talking about is a general kind of intelligence, a normal level of it, if not a little high. 🙂 Someone who would fit my idea of intelligence would be a person who: has some knowledge about different subjects (a little of everything), thinks deeply about life & its various aspects, can engage in a good, intellectual conversation, is eager to know & learn more and can drive me to think more. Basically, someone who can complement me and challenge me, intellectually. It is something I admire in people, something that instantly attracts me to them. And I love talking to such individuals.

2. Humour Sense – I can easily fall for people with a good sense of humour. Not the weird kind of humour sense which is ‘humour’ only for the speaker! I’m talking about people who are spontaneously and naturally witty, clever or downright funny. I love people who make me laugh (who doesn’t!!)…and it’s always fun to be with someone who can easily dispel your worries and make you laugh out loud. A good sense of humour is something that would definitely attract me to a person.

3. Similarity in thoughts/interests/wavelength – I’m so madly drawn to people who have similar interests or share similar thoughts with me.

This is where I belong 🙂

It’s quite rarely that I come across individuals who think like me. And, very unfortunately, I should say, these rare individuals mostly don’t include guys. Anyway, I absolutely love people who think or have same interests as me. Especially, ardent readers! I love talking about books, authors, so on and I’d be delighted with someone who reads, who is interested in talking about books. Apart from that, some other interests that I would possibly like to find in others are writing, movies, music, travelling & (probably) blogging. I love being with and talking to people of the same wavelength as me, people with whom I can effortlessly connect to, and vice-versa.

4. Cheerful/Optimistic Attitude – I can get really impressed by a person who is naturally cheerful and surrounded by positive energy. It is something important and extremely attractive, to me. It doesn’t necessarily mean the bubbly, hyperactive kind of cheerfulness, though I like that, too. You know a cheerful person when you see one. He will be happy, going about everything with a zeal that others (less cheerful ones, that is) lack and he will always give you a lot of positive vibes. That is something I LOVE in others.

5. Good Language – I was wondering what I would list as the last quality. I had a few in mind, but when I thought of this one, it surpassed all others, significantly. I have to admit, I’m instantly attracted to anyone who has a good language, ie. a great command over language and a good vocabulary. I have always found that I feel comfortable with those who possess this particular trait. It might be because of the fact that I can easily interact with them. In the case of guys, good language is a definite turn-on! 😀

Of course, there are many other qualities I like in others…but ultimately, I’d say, what matters is who you are and how confident you are to be your true self, with everyone.