Random Ramblings

Hiya readers!! 🙂 I hope you missed me as much as I missed you. 😛 Well, the past few days were dull and pretty much boring, for me. I have done nothing except sleep or read. To be frank, I’m amazed at the amount of time I spent sleeping away. Anyhow, I’m not complaining, not at all. I love the freedom I have right now, to sleep or read or do whatever I want. I really wish college wouldn’t reopen!! But alas! not all wishes come true, right?

Since I resumed blogging, I have been feeling a kind of deep happiness that I cannot explain. I have grown to LOVE it and I have to confess I’m getting almost addicted! 🙂 Now, I spend most of my time reading other blogs or doing stuff on my own blog. I’m so in love with it. Since I could not get online for the past couple of days, I couldn’t indulge in my new-found passion. And yes, I missed it like hell!!! I have been thinking of stuff I could write about, thoughts I need to put into words, blogs I should go through… and I couldn’t wait to get back! And TADAAA..I’m back! (I’m sure my enthusiasm is more than evident! :D) I feel so much at peace, very happy and completely in my ‘element’, these days! Someday, I should write about the immense joy I’m feeling since I began blogging again. Someday soon, for sure.

During the past two days, I was reading the book ‘P.S I Love You’ by Cecelia Ahern. It’s a book I have been longing to read and was so delighted when I finally got it!! And I’m enjoying it so much! It’s a beautiful story, written in such a way that you can’t help laughing and crying and living with Holly (the main character) through her life. I found it extremely heart-touching and at the same time, so much fun to read. There were so many instances in the book where I almost laughed out loud. And I’m totally in love with the character Ciara! She always manages to make me smile with her crazy ways (pink hair, lot of tattoos, piercings, to name a few). It’s a book that touches almost all aspects of life – family, friendship, fun, life and of course, love. After reading about the bond between the sisters, I couldn’t stop thinking about my own sisters. Miss them so badly! 😦 The bond between Holly and Gerry is so perfectly portrayed. I could really sense the pain that Holly must be going through, in every thought and action of hers. Anyway, it’s a very enjoyable read, not to mention touching… Highly recommended!

Apart from all that, I have also developed a love for Ireland, after reading the book. I’m so crazily in love with the country and I’m longing to go there someday. Even though the book doesn’t give detailed descriptions of the country, I loved the whole picture it conjured up in my mind – the lifestyle, the place, the weather, everything. I hope to get to see it someday… 🙂 (fingers crossed!)

A few days ago, a friend asked me this question: “If you could compare yourself to anything in this world, what would you choose to compare yourself to?” I was surprised by the question. A very interesting but meaningful question. The friend said that she compares herself to the bright sunlight – it’s bright but fades away in the evening, but you always know it will be back the next day! As in, she maybe happy now;  it could fade away after a while, but you know it will always come back. I loved the thought. 🙂 When I pondered about what I would compare myself to, I did feel the sunshine would apply to me as well. But apart from that, I think I will compare myself to the phoenix. Like the mythical bird that ignites itself at the end of its life span and then is reborn from its ashes, I’m a person who is constantly reborn from my own depression and suffering. Everytime I encounter sorrow, I try to derive strength from that pain and come back to life. Of course, there are times I feel sad, lonely or just plain miserable…there are times when I sit by myself and cry like hell… But at the end of it all, I never fail to find strength and pull myself up from the depths of despair. That is something I love about myself. So, what would you compare yourself to??:)

I know I haven’t really been forthright in whatever I’m saying. I suppose I have gone from one topic to another, without really going too deep into any one of them. To be honest, that was exactly what I meant to do, right from the outset. There is a kind of fun in just rambling on, saying all that comes to your mind, without sticking to anything. After all those pointful (in case you didn’t understand, pointful is the opposite of pointless…of course, my addition to the dictionary! :D) posts, I just couldn’t resist the urge to write some pointless, random bullshit, that is so typical of me! So there! 😀 😛

Hope you enjoyed it… After all, randomness has a beauty (and a fun) of its own!  I definitely enjoyed writing it, anyway. 😀