5 Random Facts About Myself

I wouldn’t say these are facts you actually need to know about me. They are just 5 random facts about me – weird or ‘interesting’ facts that came to my mind randomly.

1. I hate ketchup – My friends say this is the strangest thing they have ever heard. Whenever we go out to have lunch or something, I mention that I don’t want anything that has ketchup in it. Almost all my friends comment on how I can possibly hate it. They are, in a way, baffled. Anyhow, I hate ketchup. Period.

2. I’m super-scared of cockroaches (not to mentioned insects, spiders…basically, anything creepy that crawls, flies or worse, jumps!) – OK, I know it sounds funny. But I mean it. I’m really scared of all kind of insects and creepy, crawly creatures. I feel something akin to a fear squeezing my heart when I see them. If I see anything of the sort, I immediately do one of the following:

(a) jump onto an elevated position (eg: bed, chair, table)  (b) scream my lungs out  (c) run (ie. if I’m not cornered by the ‘enemy’)  (d) huddle under something, waiting for someone to come and save me

3. I sleep with a dictionary (and a thesaurus) next to my pillow (apart from the book I’m currently reading) – 🙂 I know that sounds really peculiar. My friends say that the dictionary is my bible. And I think they are actually right this time! I have a love for words, so naturally, I love the dictionary and the thesaurus, too. I write while lying on my bed and that is why I began keeping the dictionary and the thesaurus near my pillow, so that they would be within reach. And I have to admit, those are ‘books’ I use a hell lot more than my textbooks (or any other books, for that matter), ‘books’ I reach out for so many times during the day, thus earning for itself that place of prestige – right beside my pillow.

4. I love some super-brainy stuff – Before I explain that, there is something else I should say. I might sound intelligent, thoughtful and very philosophical at times, but anyone who knows me will tell you that I’m equally stupid, crazy and expertised in blurting out the most foolish stuff. Best part is I love that about me! So, please don’t think I’m this brainy, intelligent female. Anyway, the intellectual part of me is an ardent lover of particle physics, noetic science (thanks to Dan Brown books), human brain, psychology and some such ‘brainy’ stuff.

5. I love waking my sisters with my awesome singing – My singing is somewhere between awful and slightly bearable. Or so I think (since I haven’t really got any good ‘reviews’ yet! :P). But when I’m at home, I wake up a little earlier than my sisters and begin singing at the top of my voice, with the clear intention of waking them up. I love the idea of them waking up and starting their day, listening to my beautiful songs. And they always end up sleeping very less than they had intended to, sometimes even joining me in the singing (lessening the ‘impact’ that I create by myself)…and at times, the youngest brat suggests songs for me to sing. I’m sure they are grateful that I stick to waking them up and not trying to put them to sleep with my wonderful songs.

Tadaaa…and you have hit the end of the list. 🙂 These are random facts about me, some that even my best friends don’t know of. Because…well, because they are random!! 😀