Memoirs of a (Creatively Messy) Roommate

I know it’s been a few days since I wrote something. Janet (my younger sister) left on 6th. And I’ve been too emotionally distracted to actually sit down and write anything. I miss her a lot. I’ve noticed that when there’s someone with you for a while and then they leave, it feels so painful. And even though you maybe used to being alone, you still miss the person very badly, and the solitude hurts in ways you can’t explain. Anyway, I don’t think I should go into that right now.

Today, I read a post that gave some ideas on how not to let blogging take up too much of your time (that is, if you don’t seem to have time for anything else). Simple yet different and effective ideas. One was that once in a while, you could post a photo and write a paragraph about it. I loved the idea. And it inspired me to think of another one. We meet so many people in our daily lives…friends, strangers, so many people. And I’m sure there will be something about them (quality, habit, behaviour, anything) that comes to mind when we think of each person. Blog about that; do you like it, elaborate on the specific characteristic, how it affects you (if it does), so on. I’m going to put these ideas to use when I go blank and don’t know what to write about. Of course, there can never be a dearth of interestingย people in your life! ๐Ÿ˜€

Last night, I was copying some numbers from my phone into a diary and Ann was sleepily reading through some book (for school). I came across a friend’s number…and that evoked a hell lot of memories. I spoke to Ann about this friend for a while and she shared a similar experience with me.

The person I’m talking about, she was my hostel roommate, while in college. For 2 years! We are shuffled every year, but sometimes, we might get one or two of our ex-roommates. And that’s how I got Jisha as my roommate twice, during the second and third years. Talking about Jisha, she isn’t exactly my type of person. We aren’t best friends; far from it, in fact. To be honest, during the first year as roommates, I used to get constantly irritated by her. She was (nearly)ย obsessedย with everything being clean and…you know, I hate it when someone forces me to clean my space. Not that I’m untidy. Like I always say, I like my own creative order. And Jisha used to think it’s messy. So, we did have our tiffs initially.

But, eventually, as time passed, all 5 of us (roommates) got closer to each other. We used to have a lot of late-night talks, discussions on everything from movies to current affairs to the usual class gossips. And, with time, I got used to Jisha. There were certain things I disliked in her, but everyone has flaws. And her’s was nothing I couldn’t overlook. Because she has so many other positive qualities that I still admire. Apart from her amazing knowledge of current affairs and stuff, she is a very good person at heart. She is extremely helpful, goes out of her way to help people, compassionate beyond limits, patient, rational, capable of getting things done, quick at learning new stuff, hardworking and a lot more. In short, a very awesome person!

When we became roommates during the third year, both of us were really happy about it. She is one person I miss a lot, whenever I think of the times at hostel. Even though we weren’t close in a personal way, the two years had led us to grow comfortable with each other. We had got so comfortable and used to each other. She knew my habits, my likes and dislikes and I knew hers. She knew when I didn’t want to be disturbed, I knew when she didn’t want my constant barrage of questions. There are a LOT of other things I could tell you about our friendship (like the numerous memories that never fail to make me smile, or even laugh out loud!) . But, basically, what I wanted to put through is how we were never close yet knew each other and were comfortable with each other, almost like close friends.

Before I came to RAK, Jisha had called me. I was surprised, because I hadn’t expected her to call, honestly! Anyway, when she did, I was extremely happy and our conversation had an intimacy that I hadn’t noticed before. When I told Ann about my bond with Jisha, she said she has a similar friend – someone who isn’t personally close but knows her so well and is very comfortable with her. Sometimes, sharing space with someone for a certain period of time is enough to develop a strong bond, almost similar to the one between best friends. You grow so used to the other’s presence, his/her habits, likes, dislikes and quirks…and most importantly, sharing space will also mean you create a lot of memories together…like Jisha and I did. Memories that will live forever!

Have you ever had someone like that in your life?ย 


The Stranger in My Life

I’m in a live-in relationship. With a stranger. No, don’t jump to the conclusion that it’s a boyfriend. Nor is it a girlfriend. Just a stranger. Someone I live with, someone slightly beyond a roommate. Which is why I call it a live-in relationship and not sharing the same room.

We don’t talk much, just casual comments once in a while or if I get lucky, we might have a quarrel, yell at each other. That’s the maximum level of conversation between us. Not even a decent talk. We don’t know much about each other, what’s happening with the other, each other’s friends, lives, worlds… In fact, we are not a part of each other’s worlds.

Kinda like how it is now…

We stay under the same roof, sleep in the same room…yet, we are strangers to each other. I am not trying to exaggerate when I use the word ‘strangers’. I mean it. There is no other word to describe what we are. Because we aren’t even close enough to be called friends or acquaintances.

She was someone I used to know, though that feels like long ago. Someone who knew me inside out; someone whom I knew so well, too. We used to have endless talks about everything, literally everything… So many evenings of senseless prattling, late-night movies, going out together… She knew everything that was going on with me, and I was ย the one person she confided in. Like BFFs – best friends forever. Hah! Only, forever didn’t last for long!

I don’t know when that bond started fading off. But fade off it definitely did. I’d put most of the blame on the distance and the fact that she had new people in her life to replace me. Anyway, by the time I noticed the changes, it was too late. I did try, in whatever way I could, to regain the bond we once had. But just when I think things are getting better, she would prove me wrong. As if trying to tell me, indirectly, that we’ll never be the same. And so, now, I’m living with a stranger. Who used to be a hell lot more for me. Whom I miss like hell!


Writer’s Block Strikes!!!

I know I have been away for a couple of days. And, honestly, I have no idea why (I know that sounds super-dumb!). I think I’m experiencing a bout of writer’s block. Because, last day, when I tried to write in my diary, I couldn’t do it. Not in a satisfying way, I mean. So, until I snap out of this, do bear with me. ๐Ÿ™‚

On Monday, four of my classmates from school and I had gone to my school. It hasn’t changed much in the way it looks. But almost all the teachers we knew have left. Hardly a handful of our old teachers are left in school, right now. And I bet it won’t be long before they leave as well. Anyway, our favourite teacher is still there. We met him, spoke to him for a while, met a couple of other teachers and then walked ย around for a while.

All the students we knew had passed out after their schooling and we weren’t familiar with any of the ones still in school. Earlier, school meant meeting all those old faces…teachers who had taught us for years, juniors we had known for so long… But now, school has lost that ‘homey’ feeling. There are hardly a few whom we know. All the students, ย right now, are strangers to us. School doesn’t feel the same anymore. It’s weird when you walk into your old school and realize that you don’t know anyone over there, all those whom you knew have left. It feels like you have kinda lost that connection with the place.

Anyway, after the time at school, the 5 of us went out and spent some time together. I wouldn’t really say it was fun but, yes, I did enjoy the time. Moreover, that day, I had been feeling ย really low since morning. So, the change and the time with them did me a world of good! ๐Ÿ™‚ I came back home, all happy and feeling great! ๐Ÿ™‚

I’ve had some (quite) profound realizations and thoughts over the past two days. And I wanted to blog about them. But thanks to my awesome writer’s block, I couldn’t get around to doing it! I promise I’ll do it soon. How soon, I have no idea! ๐Ÿ˜€

Meet-ups & Memories :)

Guess what? I met up with Saba on Wednesday! We were seeing each other after a year and a half (almost half, that is). And it was super-awesome! ๐Ÿ™‚ I loved it. We met at her place. And even though we didn’t do anything much except talk and eat, I loved the few hours I spent with her. In fact, I couldn’t believe it when it was time for me to leave. And we hadn’t even begun to talk, like you know, talk talk. We had been catching up on each other’s lives, talking about ex-classmates and my future plans…we had just begun! ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

It’s always been like that. Every time I’m with Saba, time seems to pass ever so fast…and before we know it, hours would have gone by like minutes! Anyway, she lives nearby now. So, I guess that means lots more meet-ups! ๐Ÿ™‚

It’s always such a delight to meet someone so dear to you, after so long. And even though so much time has passed by, you still feel the same…and you kinda know, deep within, that things will always be the same. ๐Ÿ™‚ Even though you grow older or whatever, some bonds don’t change.

Today, I spent a lot of time talking to my youngest sister – Ann. I was telling her about my school time memories and fun. About this sir who was so not like a teacher, how he changed so suddenly and then we tried to get back at him by trying to break his chair (didn’t work out, anyway!). About the super-mad boys in my class (12 Std.) who used to say such crazy stuff that I could never go through a single hour without laughing out (atleast once). School was so much fun…even though we didn’t really realize it then. Miss those times! I suppose I’ll be saying the same about college, quite soon (or maybe, I’ve already started)! ๐Ÿ™‚


Friends Who Care – a Rare Species :)

While it feels great being back at home, my writing has taken a backseat since I got here. It’s been ages since I wrote my diary; actually, it’s been long since I wrote anything at all… I know I should get to it, but I get caught up with other activities and hardly find the peace I need to sit and write.

On the day before I had to leave, I was text-messaging some friends from college. And…well, I got to learn a lot of things that I never knew about them. I realized that I have gained some friends in life who might not be very close to me, who might not be my BFFs but who still love me and consider me a good friend of theirs. I was touched! One among them is Martin. We have always been good friends, even though not on the personal level. I enjoy being with him and will always cherish our silly fights. He was one of the first persons to read my blog and follow it! Whenever he felt I was kinda low, he used to come ask me what the matter was. He is one friend I will miss, now that college is over! ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

I also happened to have some intriguing experiences with certain individuals on that day… I don’t think I can explain all that, though. Anyway, next morning, I had to leave from home by around 5am. Sometime around then, while in the car, I was surprised to find messages pouring in from some friends, asking me whether I had left from home, when the flight was, so on. I mean, they had actually woken up early (for some reason or the other) and cared to ask me where I was. I can’t say the same for some of my friends who were supposedly part of ‘my gang’. Anyway, this incident kinda opened my eyes to who among my friends actually cared about me and who didn’t. Not that I needed a confirmation about who didn’t. But the other category – those who did care – included a couple (or more) of unexpected people. That, again, was touching.ย 

So, moral of the story? Look around you. You might be too into a certain friend circle/gang or a particular friend, and might be overlooking someone who truly cares about you. Don’t lose a true friend, especially not for someone who doesn’t care half much as that person does! Sometimes, it takes time for us to realize how much we mean to someone…but don’t let it be too late! ๐Ÿ™‚

Waiting To Get Home…

I have slept a lot during the past few days. Don’t know why. Even if I sleep for a while during the afternoons, I still feel so damn sleepy by the end of the day. I try to stay up and maybe, spend time talking or watching a movie, but it’s unusually hard for me. Maybe this is how the down-time takes its toll on me. ๐Ÿ™‚

So, post-weekend, my situation hasn’t changed much. Maybe just a tiny little bit. I’m actually making an effort to not let myself be so bothered by problems that are out of my control. And I think I’ve kinda come up with some possible solutions. Just hope it works out. I’m just days away from leaving college. Tomorrow will be my last exam. And within two days, I’ll be vacating from hostel and going back home. I won’t be part of this hostel or college anymore, won’t have to come here often (or at all, in fact)… All those people whom I have seen and spoken to and been with for the past 3 years will be scattered in different places, they are going to be akin to strangers. I can’t even be sure if we will recognize each other if we happen to cross paths some 10 years from now.

Such a scary thought. Yet it’s inevitable. It evokes a lot of insecurity but there’s nothing I can do to pause it or avoid it. So, I’m trying to face it as it comes. Right now, I push away the saddening thoughts and think of the awesome time I’m going to have once I get back to RAK, to my family. That is one thought that helps me remain sane right now. ๐Ÿ™‚ I was just googling through some photos of the city I call home. And I’m hit by this wave of nostalgia…of the times I’ve spent there, the random buildings I remember seeing while going from one place to another, the landmarks… For a moment, it felt almost like I was back there, actually seeing it all. Well, I may not be there there, right now. But within two weeks’ time, I’m going to be right there!!! ๐Ÿ™‚ Now, for those of you who don’t know much about Ras-Al-Khaimah, here are a couple ofย  links you might like!

Ras Al Khaima in the past… (Note: See the RAK hospital? My home’s quite near to it. Seeing it made me feel kinda close to home!)

The Official Site of RAK

Miles Away, Yet Near…

I logged in around two hours ago and (you might find this a little hard to believe) since then, I have been hooked (actually, still am) to the computer screen. I have been reading some random blogs. I find one interesting link in the first blog, jump onto that, notice another one there, go on to that and by now, I think I have gone through so many of those random blogs. I managed to find some REALLY good ones, anyway! ๐Ÿ™‚ I don’t know about you but I’m a blogaholic and make it a point to go through the posts that are Freshly Pressed. I have noticed that they may not always be all that great. Sometimes, after reading certain Freshly Pressed posts, I have wondered what exactly the WP people were thinking when they chose it for the homepage! Anyway, I loved the ones that were Freshly Pressed today. Really interesting! ๐Ÿ™‚ Someday, I’m hoping I will be featured on that list, too. Someday (wistful sigh).

Since it’s exam time out here, there’s nothing much happening with me. It’s mostly just sleep, eat, sit in front of a book, talk and some loafing around. And yes, blogging. ๐Ÿ™‚ Can’t do without it. Lot of plans are being considered since we have only some 2 weeks left. All of us want to go out, spend time together and, basically, have some (more) great time before we leave. Somehow, with all that I have on my mind, I don’t feel all that enthusiastic because I know it will be super-hard squeezing in time for those hangouts.

During the past few days, while I was at Merlin’s, my first ex called me up. It was unexpected. Not in the wrong way, though. We are still good friends and keep in touch. We don’t talk very often but when we do, we catch up on each other’s lives and talk about school times, common friends, so on. This time, he called at a very ‘appropriate’ time. I had just had a quarrel (over the phone) with my sister and I was hurt and angry. Emotionally down. When he called, I was glad to have something else to think about. We spoke about his present relationship, college life, old school friends, memories…so much that I forgot all about what was distressing me until then. I was feeling so good after the conversation and sent him a text message saying so. He replied saying that he didn’t have to talk to me everyday to keep in touch with me, that just one occasional call was enough to give him happiness that could last for a year. I was surprised to find that I agreed with him! ๐Ÿ™‚

Some friendships are like that. You may not be in constant contact with each other. You may not even know where the other person is right now. But sometime when you need them (or at very random instances), they appear out of nowhere. And give you a hell lot of happiness. Even though you have been out of touch for so long, somehow, the distance always turns out to be irrelevant. Because those conversations that happen once in a while are enough to destroy the distance that came upย  in between. Inspite of all that gap, you never seem to lose the bond you had with them…the spark never seems to be lost. ๐Ÿ™‚ Those friendships are the ones that should be cherished, treasured for life.

All of us have similar stories…stories of friends who are faraway, but who share a very special bond with you, even though you don’t get to talk much. Friends who can bring back the magic in your friendship every time you talk, even if it maybe after months or years. They always remain in that special place at the back of our head, never really fading off with time. Always there, always sure to pop out with some wonderful memories of times gone by, with intermittent calls and convos. If, right now, you are thinking about that distant friend of yours, why not give them a call, just to say hi or that you miss them or that you love them, or that you’re glad they are part of your life? ๐Ÿ™‚ Go ahead! You’ll thank me for it! ๐Ÿ™‚ Have a great day!