The New Year Post

Last day of the year. It has an almost ominous ring to it. Yet, it represents the birth of a new year, bringing along new hopes and experiences. If you think about it, New Year is, in essence, just a marker of the passage of time. But it holds a certain sense of charm which makes it special. The joy of the season, gifts, meetings, greetings and smiles everywhere…quite infectious, right? 

Perhaps that’s why there is a general notion that New Year should be celebrated with all the splendour and merriment possible. Honestly, I find it slightly pressurizing. Most of my New Year days have been pretty much normal, bordering on boring even. Except for a couple of times. I don’t even remember what I did for most of the New Year days, in fact! I bet that tells you enough. 

This year is going to be no different. Or so I think. I’m going to spend tomorrow exactly as I spent the past two days – reading, watching a couple of movies, blogging (*fingers crossed*) and doing whatever else I want to. I feel oddly dismal when I say this in answer to my friends’ recently regular questions about my New Year plans. As if it’s wrong to spend New Year like a normal day. So, then, I decided I’d blog about that…about how New Year day can be anything you choose it to be. More to console myself than anything else.

It can be a day for relaxing, working, loafing around or anything at all! You don’t have to be out partying or celebrating. You can just as well spend the day at home, doing what you want, without feeling sad about it. After all, it’s really just another day. I guess its ‘newness’ depends on how you feel, not necessarily on what you do. I don’t even believe in the thought that January 1 of every year represents a new beginning. If anything, it can help refresh you to continue. If a new beginning is what you want, it can happen any day, any moment of the year. You shouldn’t have to wait for one particular day (unless you’re stubborn and really want to!). 

So, yes, I’m going to have a seemingly boring and definitely lonely January 1st. But I’m going to try and be happy about it. Because, well, it’s the start of a brand new year. I’m sure it will have quite a few awesome days to make up for the very first. And, anyway, I’m going to spend the day with stuff I really love – books, movies, blog. 🙂 

Moral of the post – In case you have no New Year plans, do not despair. You can always join me!

Happy New Year, everyone! However you decide to spend the day, make sure you enjoy it! 

The Outset of the New Year – an Extraordinary Experience :)

1st January, 2012 was one of the best and most memorable days of my life. I was with my cousin…and we had this New Year party (we meaning: me, my sister, 2 of my cousins, a common friend, my cousin’s friend and a friend of that friend). I never thought I would enjoy it as much as I did. But… damn! It was mind-blowing. I loved it!

I have never experienced something so out of my senses. But I totally enjoyed it. It was past 4am when all of us hit the bed. Even then, I wasn’t sleepy. And so…I had one of the best, most beautiful mornings EVER! Since I wasn’t sleepy, my cousin’s friend and I went to sit outside on the terrace area. Even though I had heard a lot about him from my cousin and we had been introduced briefly once before, that night was the first

Dawning of a New Year...

time we were meeting each other properly. I did not know anything much about him. But there I was, during the early hours of the morning, just as dawn began lighting up, sitting with him and talking incessantly. I loved the calm silence around us, as we spoke. We talked about completely inconsequential stuff like our favourite colours as well as serious stuff like love and friendship. What I loved most about the conversation we had was the ease with which we were moving from one topic to the other. And to be honest, I have never felt so comfortable with a person who is practically a stranger. But with this guy, I was not just comfortable…I felt I could connect to him, in some ways. We talked so easily, joked, laughed… Even the occasional silences felt good.

Sometimes, you cannot explain or describe certain experiences. They should just be cherished and lovingly tucked away into a special place in your mind. The experience I had was of that kind. I cannot explain it…I felt a kind of connection with this stranger, I felt completely at ease. Sometimes, you connect to people in really strange ways. With him, I felt like he has something of me in him. Does it make sense? I have no clue! But not everything in life makes sense, does it? The time I spent with him will always be one of the fondest memories in my life. I wanted it to go on forever, but like always, it had to end. Now, when I think about it, I find myself wondering if it actually happened. It seems almost magical. I don’t expect another experience of that sort, with anyone. And I don’t know if I will see that guy again, let alone if he will ever be someone of significance for me (although I would like that :)). Maybe yes, maybe no. But he will always be part of a most beautiful experience I had. I don’t know if it makes sense to everyone out there. Not that I expect it to, you know. But sitting with a stranger on New Year (early) morning and talking to him like I have known him for ages is the kind of thing I would call a true experience.

If you ask me how my New Year was, I would say it was awesome! It started off with this very wonderful experience…and a kind of enlightenment. I came out of 2011, strengthened and rejuvenated. Something has changed in me…not in an evident way, outwardly…I may not be behaving differently or anything but my perceptions have changed. And it has also led me to take some firm decisions. I can feel it so distinctly…that something has changed within, something that might seem imperceptible but is very much significant, for me, at least. In fact, I feel like something has fallen into place, like a missing piece has been found or something (Finally!). I feel like I’m starting anew, as a new person, in many ways. I guess 2012 will surely be a pretty remarkable year, since it has started off on a good note! 🙂 HAPPY NEW YEAR to all of you!!!! So, how was the outset of New Year for you?