Cruel Twists

I had wanted to blog today morning, but got busy with work. In fact, I got this thought while brushing my teeth, and since then, I’ve been thinking of writing it out. While walking to work, I thought about it, mentally jotting down what all I wanted to write about. Surprisingly, I got another touching thought after I reached office. I did try to write it out, but got busy with work. And that’s again something to talk about! 🙂

So, before I get into the actual thought that triggered this urge to write, let me tell you about a news item I read today morning. If you have noticed, we read a lot of stuff each day; a lot of articles, information and random facts cross our mind. But there are some that stay, that touch your mind enough to make you think! Today morning, while going through some  news updates, I read an article. It wasn’t the first article I read, but it was the first (and the only one, I think) that moved me. Obviously, why else would I be blogging about it?

So, I started my day at work, feeling emotionally moved by this news item. In a country where deaths, accidents, injuries and mishaps play prominent roles in newspapers, this might not be unusually shocking or anything. But when I read it, I kind of imagined myself in her situation, then in her parents’ situation. She was (it feels weird saying ‘was’) my age…and she had got placed in the same company as me (remember the campus interview, the job I decided to let go?). Meaning, I might have met her if life had taken a different road.

Life twists and turns…

She was supposed to be take part in a TV show later this month. It’s easy to say life had other plans for her. But very difficult to come to terms with those plans. Sometimes, life’s twists can be so cruel. This was the one thought that kept ringing in my head, when I started work today morning. Kind of like a reminder that the next moment can be happy, shockingly disastrous or just normal…that all I can do right now is MAKE MOST OF NOW! 🙂


The Futility of Current Affairs

  I have been frequently asked by friends to update myself and write something about curent affairs, politics and stuff instead of my personal thoughts and opinions. Well, I have seriously thought about it. To be honest, I am not the kind of person who stays up to date about the current affairs and all that happens in the world. I might know about some of the major happenings but if you ask me in detail about it, I will be completely blank!

  I was just thinking… what I would write about the current affairs as I know it. After a lot of thinking, I realized something. To be very honest, I think talking about it is completely useless. The current affairs that is so talked about today will most probably be quite the same as yesterday and will not be very different from that of tomorrow. It’s always the same old stuff – a fight here, a riot there, a rebellion over there, bombings in some part, accidents, wars, crises, so on. Always the same kind of news, mostly.

 And its so completely useless! It’s all so maddening. So many atrocities, cruelty… by one man to another. Such a lot of wars, all because of man’s greed and foolishness. I find it maddening to sit and watch or listen to all this… I feel no pleasure, relaxation or peace seeing the suffering of people in some part of this world, witnessing the inhuman behvaiour of some people in some other parts…knowing that all this is being done by individuals from the same race as you and me.

  Whenever there is a tragic incident, there is a lot of hype about it. People seem to have nothing else to talk about. They keep talking about the incident, sympathizing or feeling pity on those who lost their loved ones. What good does it do to those families who have lost? Do people ever care to give a thought to it after the issue has died down? I doubt it. We feel pity, talk about it and finally go back to our own lives. So, basically, what use comes from all this? We will find another issue tomorrow to ponder over. Though the places and people may change, the basic essence of all these ‘current affairs’ remain the same.

   What is, ultimately, the great use in knowing all these? It’s all the same… mostly evolving because of man. It’s nothing but a mere waste of time! It’s of no use… be it either to me or to others. It will only destroy one’s peace of mind and happiness. If it will be of some use, however small it maybe, to the people who are suffering in this world, then I will definitely change my opinion and try to keep myself updated about the latest current affairs and stuff.