The Journey So Far…

Sometime in July 2008, I typed out my first blog post. Kiran had suggested I should try blogging since (she thinks) I write well (she’s too lazy to write, even though she writes too) and I have thoughts to blog about. She is more into talking it out loud. I didn’t take it seriously then. But later, when I was bored and had nothing to do, I thought of giving it a chance. What would I lose, anyway? And, that’s how Roshrulez was born. All I had in mind at that point was a space where I get to write out my stupid thoughts. I never expected people to read it, I was happy with the idea of it being out there, no matter whether others read it or not. 🙂 After my second or third post, I was kinda bored with it and got other stuff to focus on.

And then, after a few months, I came back to it. Probably because I didn’t want my blog to get hurt and feel neglected. 😛 So, I posted something else. And after a couple of days, I got busy with other stuff (again!). Then, I came back to it after another few months. Sometime in December, 2008, there was an incident that moved me so much; so much that I wanted to talk about it and felt blogging would be the best way to do it. And that’s what I did. It felt so good…there had been a lot on my mind and writing it out helped me feel so much better.

Again, I was busy with life…especially once I joined college. During one vacation, when I was at home (RAK), I was plagued by so many profound thoughts and had to write it out. And after almost over a year or so, I posted something, just to shut up that voice in my head. 🙂 Yet again, I forgot about my blog within a couple of days.

Sometime during October of last year, Kiran and a couple other friends asked me why I wasn’t doing anything on my blog. I had no valid excuse. And one day, while in the lab, jobless and bored, I thought I would post something. It had been so long…and Kiran’s admonitions have a way of bothering me to the point of doing something about it. That’s how I wrote the post in November, after almost a year and a half.  And like I have mentioned in an earlier post, I found a very deep, inexplicable happiness after I hit Publish for that post. Something like a rush… and I instantly knew this was something I’d love doing again. Since then, there’s been no question of looking back. Initially, I had my doubts…I thought I’d lose interest and abandon it halfway through. But it’s been over 5 months since then…and there’s been no change in my enthusiasm to blog. If anything, I’d say I’ve become more into it…seriously addicted to blogging. You will know what I mean, if you’ve noticed how I’ve tried to post daily or atleast on a regular basis (when I can’t post daily). And guess what? I’m typing out my 100th post right now (that’s what you’re reading)!

Tadaaaa!!! 🙂

Yes! When I created this blog, I had absolutely no hopes or dreams for it. But now, at my 100th post, I’m drawn to it in a way words could hardly explain. I want to write about a lot of stuff, voice my crazy & sane thoughts, connect to like-minded people across the globe, witness as this small space of words & thoughts grows into something far beyond anything I’ve ever dreamed of…and yes, I’d like to be Freshly Pressed someday. Who doesn’t!! 🙂

So…that’s the story so far. It’s been a wonderful journey. I’ve been through the usual spat of dull days when I had nothing to talk about and ended up posting a lot of bullshit; some lazy days when I just wanted to jump onto my bed and sleep off; a lot of awesome days when I had so many thoughts to blog about; days when I was so moved by some incidents that I had to blog about it to get it out of my head…

I’ve met so many fellow bloggers & friends who think like me, who find my posts good enough to come back here often, who have supported, encouraged and stuck with me while I rambled on about whatever came into my mind. Experiences like coming across LiveLearnMature, Tassem and so many other blog mates are unique, so dear to me because I know I couldn’t have found them anywhere else. In fact, I had never expected anything of that sort over here! Blogging has given me a lot…it has grown to mean a lot to me.  Apart from the fact that it has enhanced my writing skills and confidence in my talent, it has given me such a lot of insights into myself, made me think like hell, gifted me new friends and a new source of happiness. 🙂

To all the readers, fellow bloggers, followers and awesome people out there – Thank you for bringing me so far…to this milestone in my blogging life, my 100th post. Love you all! Thank you so much for your love and support! 🙂 Keep them pouring in. Because I don’t intend to stop anytime soon!! 😀

A Lesson Learnt & Shiny Head

Read on to find the reason for the weird title. It’s actually really stupid! 😀 As always!

I’m delighted by the responses I received for the previous post. After completing it, when I read through it the final time, I had felt satisfied with what I had done. And I knew it would strike a chord with some. But, believe me, I hadn’t expected such a lot of response. It was overwhelming. I admit, it may not exactly be ‘a lot’. But what I meant is that so many out there (who don’t know me personally) actually took the time and effort to express what they felt about the post. It’s one thing to have your friends/acquaintances comment on your work, and a completely different thing to have so many ‘strangers’ tell you how similar (or different, for that matter) their thoughts are. I’m truly ecstatic…no other word to describe my emotions right now.

My day was somewhere between kinda-ok and almost-gloomy. But…all those likes and comments have, literally, turned my day around! Thank you so much! I’m glad you liked it. 🙂 And hope you continue enjoying the stuff I post over here! I’m so glad I resumed blogging and stayed. Coming back to the blogging space was one of the best things that happened to me last year! And it’s proving to be all the more awesome!

Before I continue, I’d like to point out that ‘ambivert’ is the real word for a person who is a mixture of both introvert and extrovert. I found it after I published the post. I think I’ll stick to calling myself a midovert, though, since I’ve fallen in love with the word. But those of you who don’t want to sound stupid while talking in a group, ambivert is, technically, the right word! 🙂

Coming back, apart from being super-happy, I was also provoked to think about the post, in a different angle. There were a lot of other posts (by me) which, I think, are far better than the previous one. Of course, I love them all. But there are (and always will be) personal favourites that stand above others.

When I wrote this particular post, I guess it resonated with the perceptions of many out there. Because it was something everyone could relate to and think about. There was a kind of ‘universality’ about the basic concept, as opposed to a post about personal experiences which not all can identify with or have the interest to read. So, this realization led me to a valuable lesson in blogging – if you want others to relate to your posts, write about concepts/perceptions that are more of a universal nature, like the ones everyone would have had/been through.

Like in every other aspect of life, blogging is also a space where you never stop learning. I love learning and always yearn to know more about everything. As far as blogging is concerned, I have just begun to learn. And I’m sure I’ll enjoy this journey. I already am! 🙂

Now, for the reason behind the weird title. The first part – A Lesson Learnt – refers to what I just wrote. Shiny Head is a title a friend suggested. While I was on the way to college, my friend, Vipin (it means ‘forest’ in Sanskrit), asked me why I was going then (I don’t usually go during the evening). And when I mentioned that I wanted to check my mail and blog, he instantly knew blogging was the prime reason! 🙂 He asked what I was going to write about and I replied that I would just write out whatever’s in my head. Next thing he asked was, obviously, about what was in my head right then. He happened to go bald recently (like, today!!) and that was the thought in my mind, at that moment. When I said that, he

His head looks a little like this! 🙂

asked if I’d write about it; I was ok with it (sounded crazy enough to me!). And he gave me permission to talk about his recently-bald head! And Shiny Head is the title he was kind enough to suggest (though I should mention that his head isn’t shiny, just bald)!! 🙂

So, Vipin came to class with an almost-bald-head, today! I say almost-bald because he chose to keep some prickly stubs of his awesome hair…Anyway, he still looks the same, idiotic, crazy guy…like always! 😀 Couldn’t praise him any better! 😛

Made My Day! :)

A friend of mine came upto me, while I was sitting, bored in class. He made my day! He told me that he read my blog and appreciated me a lot over the work I had done over here. He isn’t the kind I expected to actually sit and read my crazy posts but, well…he did! And guess what? He liked it so much that he read a bunch of my older posts!He actually read them!And he loved them! 🙂 I was, literally, beaming with happiness when he told me he liked it. He said it was far better than what he had expected (I can imagine what he must have expected!!!). And (there’s more!), I was super-surprised when he told me that he was so inspired by my blog and writing style that he felt like he wanted to start blogging, too. Because, like he said, there are a lot of thoughts running through our mind, which we can’t really express through words or in a few conversations. Moreover, it’s not necessary that others should listen to you (which is the problem for me; people can’t stand my overactive thoughts :D). Blogging is one medium where you can just keep talking out all that’s going through your mind. I’m so glad I was able to inspire him! 🙂 So, Jefry (that’s him), THANK YOU SO SO SO SO MUCH! You made my day! Love you, buddy! 🙂

Well, my mood did get spoiled sometime after that. I guess it still is…sort of, atleast. I hope some sound sleep and good food will do the trick. And maybe a fun movie. 😀 And coffee. And chocolates. And… See? This is what I meant when I said you could go on saying bullshit in your blog! 🙂 So, what’s cooking (literally and otherwise) for weekend at your place?