Don’t you Miss my Blah Blah? (Please Say Yes!)

Please ignore the stupidity of the title. I can be really crazy, sometimes. And, dumb, at other times. 

I had a wonderful weekend at home, lazing around, watching movies, eating and talking to Ann. I did everything that I can’t do when I’m staying in a new place – sing out loud, play loud music, talk whatever I want for as long as I want, enjoy the familiarity that home always offers. It was almost painful to come back and get to work.

But, well, here I am, sitting in front of a system that gets super-slow every once in a while, bored of doing whatever I’m doing.

The downside of being here is that I’m alone. In a lot of ways, I appreciate the solitude, especially since it helps me learn to live by myself and take care of myself. But, when it comes to going out, having a meaningful conversation or wanting to see a familiar, comforting face, loneliness sucks! Like I wrote in a

I should use that line, sometime!

I should use that line, sometime!

mail to a friend, I have even lost my appetite because I HATE eating alone (does not mean I enjoy eating with strangers). Every day, I keep hoping time will do the trick, that things will change. Because I’m sure it will. Maybe today. Or tomorrow.

Anyway, another problem with new people is: you tend to hide (or atleast, try not to let them notice) the weird habits/behaviour or quirks you have. On my second day here, when I found out that one of my colleagues lives in the same building as me, I thought I’d have company to commute to work. I almost asked him something of that sort, then quickly dropped it. Why? Because he would come to know some of my quirks. [Awkward confession time…Man, this is difficult!] I’m strangely apprehensive about going down a staircase and look kinda weird while doing so. And thanks to my awesome lack of balance, escalators and electronic walkways are…umm…a tiny bit scary. Just a bit.

So, the thought of a new person noticing this was more than what I was comfortable with. Anyhow, today morning, both of us happened to be waiting for the metro, at the same time. Which, inevitably, means we came to work together. Thankfully, though, this guy happens to be a little too much into himself to notice my innocent quirks. Or maybe he didn’t find me interesting enough to notice (since I hide my awesomeness when I go to work; why invite all that jealousy to oneself?). Well, so, I guess everything’s fine; my secret is safe. 🙂

What makes blogging so much of a relief right now is the fact that I haven’t found a friend to dump my thoughts on have a proper, open conversation with. Until I do (and until I start talking some sense), I’m sure you wouldn’t mind listening.

Bottom line: quirks or no quirks, friend or no friend, life’s good. 🙂


Quirky Me

One reason I’m apprehensive about leaving college is because I don’t know where I’ll be ending up next, though I do have a good idea of where I want to end up. 🙂 When friends or elders ask me “What/Where next?”, all I can say is that I’m still searching, trying to decide…because I’m tired of telling everyone “I don’t know”. But, frankly, it doesn’t bother me too much. I’m just going to sit back and enjoy the rollercoaster-ride that life is. Couldn’t have put it better!

My day started off really good, I got to listen to some of my favourite songs today morning. And that always helps to lift my mood, leaving me humming all day long. I’m glad today’s one of those days. I don’t think I could have handled another dull day!

Anyway, recently, my sister mentioned something about quirky, weird habits all of us have. And she thought it would be a good idea for a post. Right now, while trying to come up with something to blabber about, I happened to remember her idea. I’m sure all of us have atleast a couple (probably far more than that) of quirky habits…just odd ways of doing some normal chore or weird habits that haven’t changed over the years because, honestly, it never

occurred to you that it should be changed. Recently, I asked some of my friends about their crazy habits. That helped me remember some of mine. It might seem normal to me, and some out there. But to others, they are plain weird.

I cannot sleep without a pillow by my side. I don’t necessarily need one to keep my head on, but I definitely CANNOT sleep without one beside me.

I don’t like others writing notes for me…basically, I don’t want another person’s handwriting in my notebooks. I have found that, for some odd reason, I can’t study/read properly if the handwriting in my notebook isn’t mine. It just doesn’t feel right or satisfying. 

I can’t stay for long without asking “Why”, even if the situation/context maybe stupid.

I’m attached to books and can’t stand watching someone handling a book roughly. It pains me, especially if it’s my book. (Even if it isn’t mine) It’s an intolerable offense for me.

Mess or's (supposedly) creative! 😉

Even though I’m not a very untidy person, I can’t stand an extreme level of neatness. My table, bed and cupboards are, I have to admit, a little messy but with an order of my own. And I don’t like it when others try to tidy it up for me. I like the orderly mess that I create. I call it creative mess (with my friends) or creative order (with my parents).

I can’t seem to remember any more… Or maybe I’m just too lazy to try thinking! 😀 What are your quirky habits?