Which One Are You? :)

According to the English dictionary near my pillow, an introvert is a person who looks inward (at himself) rather than at the world around him. An extrovert is one who is more interested in other people and things than his own feelings. Does that make an introvert more of a selfish person? I suppose not. But I had understood the concept of introverts & extroverts from a different angle, revolving around their behaviour and interaction with others. As in, introverts don’t enjoy much of interaction and prefer to stick to themselves. And extroverts are very outgoing, love interacting and are, basically, social butterflies.

I have met people from both categories and enjoy the company of both. If you ask me which one I fall into, I would be unable to give a clear reply. Because I’m a lot of both. I can be into myself one day and super-sociable right the next day. I love hanging out with friends, being with people, talking (A LOT!)…and in a group of strangers, I can be quite comfortable…in fact, I could be comfortable enough to strike up conversations with random strangers and end up being good friends with them. But I can also be more of a wallflower – sticking to myself, talking to some friend I know or just being by myself…times when I love solitude and silence, when I prefer staying at home, with just awesome ME for company! I can be both, depending on my mindset at the moment. I can’t completely fit into either groups.

Surprisingly, I have met quite a lot of uncategorized individuals like me. Kiran, my best friend, is an example. So many of my close friends are perfect examples, actually. Back at school, Kiran and I used to talk about this a lot of times. And, at the end of it, almost every time, we used to say that there should be a third category for people like us who fall in the middle. I still think so! 🙂 (Actually, there are so many aspects in life where you have just two or limited categories and no choice but to fit yourself into one which suits you best. I’ve always felt there should be more for deviants, like me. Food for another post, I guess.)

And GUESS WHAT??? I just thought of midovert as a new word which would mean ‘someone who is not completely an introvert nor an extrovert’; that is, someone in the middle, who has characteristics of both categories. I just googled to see if there might actually be a word like that. And (you won’t believe this!!!) I found another blogger who came up with the same word, intended for the same meaning! The Midovert – Mind Musings. I was surprised, amazed and, I admit, excited. Wow! Someone thought the same thing as me. 🙂 Awesome…like, super-awesome! That’s the miracle of blogging. You find others who think and feel the same as you, however crazy your ideas might be. It might make you seem less unique but hey! You have just found someone from across the globe who’s had the same weird thoughts as you. Thought-twins, or something, you could call them! (Another new term?!)

Aahhh…I digress. So, since I’m not the only one thinking of midovert as a possible new group for individuals like me, I guess we can officially claim it as a newly coined word!

Midoverta person who exhibits characteristics of both introverts and extroverts, not completely either. Tadaaa…!! 😀

So, which one are you – an introvert, extrovert or a midovert? 🙂